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[Online] Davide Zordan - Unity for .NET + Paul DeCarlo - Microsoft IoT

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[Online] Davide Zordan - Unity for .NET + Paul DeCarlo - Microsoft IoT


Notts IoT is back... And we're online!

Sponsored by PJG Creations Ltd, Stkrs & JetBrains.

About the Event:

We'll be kicking off at 18:30 for an open networking chat on Zoom, before kicking our talks off at 7PM.

You can join the Zoom Meeting by simply going to the following URL & following the Prompts;

We'll be password protecting the meetup to help prevent "ZoomBombing". We'll be sending out an email to people that have RSVP'd around 5.30pm UK Time on the day, so make sure to check your emails!

Before that, do feel free to head over to & create yourself an account as well as downloading the client to your favourite machine!

We'll also be streaming the Meetup on YouTube.

We'll tweet out the link as soon as we know what it is!

If you struggle at all, then get in touch ASAP so we can help!

What we'll be doing:

Davide Zordan - Unity and AR/VR for the .NET Developer:

We all see the cool demos of how augmented and virtual reality are going to be the future of our interaction with devices, but it often feels like there’s a significant barrier to getting started in building these types of apps.

This session is here to help. If you’ve ever thought about developing for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or the Windows Mixed Reality headsets, but haven’t known where to start, this is the session for you.

Davide will present what he learned building a small game, set in a mysterious dungeon using Unity and the SteamVR plugin. We'll explore how to import assets from the Unity store, how to implement locomotion techniques and interactions using the motion/touch controllers, including some tips for optimising performance and avoid motion sickness.

Come along, there’ll be .NET code, demos and we’ll have some fun looking at how you can get started on your first VR/AR project.

Paul DeCarlo - Get to Solutioning - Strategy & Best Practices when Mapping Designs from Edge to Cloud:

In this session we will explore strategies for secure IoT device connectivity in real-world edge environments, specifically how use of the Azure IoT Edge Gateway can accommodate offline, intermittent, legacy environments by means of Gateway configuration patterns.

We will then look at implementations of Artificial Intelligence at the Edge in a variety of business verticals, by adapting a common IoT reference architecture to accommodate specific business needs.

Finally, we will conclude with techniques for implementing artificial intelligence at the edge to support an Intelligent Video Analytics solution, by walking through a project which integrates Azure IoT Edge with an NVIDIA DeepStream SDK module and a custom object detection model built using http://CustomVision.AI to create an end-to-end solution that allows for visualization of object detection telemetry in Azure services like Time Series Insights and PowerBI.

Our speakers:

Davide Zordan:

Davide is a software engineer living in London specialising in client/mobile development and Mixed Reality. He likes sharing his experiences with the community writing on his blog and participating in Open-Source projects.

Twitter: https://

Paul DeCarlo:

Paul DeCarlo is a Sr. Cloud Developer Advocate for Microsoft and Professor for the Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston.

His current technology interests focus on Internet of Things, Cloud Applications, and App Development.

He is an experienced startup founder for WinCoder LLC ( ).

On weekends Paul performs as lead vocalist in Houston's Tool Tribute band - Spiral Out (



We'll be giving away a JetBrains license to one lucky attendee!