Nottingham PowerShell user group February meeting


As usual I'll be around the venue from 6 if you want to pop in early. We'll have a mid meeting break between the sessions for informal chats, and there'll probably be more chatting over a drink after the sessions as well.

Sessions for the evening are:

Stuart Moore (me) - PowerShell with class
Classes were introduces with PS5 for DSC, but what else can you use them for and how? This will be the quick intro to the quirky world of classes and their use cases

Chris Gardner - Don't do that, do this instead: PowerShell worst practices and how to solve them

A lot of talks about “Best Practice” are aimed at showing you what you should be doing but not many take the approach of showing what you shouldn’t be doing and how to change it. This can make it more difficult to grasp as it might not easily relate to how someone is currently working or has been working, showing the wrong way to do things is more approachable as everyone was a beginner at some point and many people made the same mistakes. Taking this one step further and providing reasoning why one approach is the wrong or worse way to handle something can also allow people to make an informed decision on using that approach anyway, if their circumstances require it.

The venue serves food, so feel free to order yourself some dinner to enjoy during the sessions

Hope to see you there. Any questions, drop me a line.