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Hosted by the British Science Association and CAMRA, Nottingham SciBar is a monthly event where a research scientist will present a short introduction to their work and how it affects all of us. This is followed by a friendly discussion interspersed with regular beer breaks. If you're interested in science, and enjoy real ale pubs then we'd love for you to come along and enjoy an evening's entertainment that stimulates those grey cells!

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Using regenerative medicine to prolong healthy living

Ramiro Alberio will discuss the current medical developments aimed at creating patient specific cells that can be used for improving organ function. These novel approaches are based on the differentiation of stem cells into specific cell types (such as insulin producing cells, or muscle cells) in the laboratory, or alternatively the creation of whole organs in host animals. We will have a discussion about the most promising avenues as well as speculate about some novel directions using synthetic biology.

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Archaea and the Meaning of Life

Bread & Bitter

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