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🍺🃏😂 £1 Comedy Night @ The Canal House 🍸🃏😂
Fancy a laugh that won't break the bank, then meet us from 7pm onwards in the bar, for pre-show 🍷🍺 drinks, then we'll pop upstairs when the doors open 7.30pm, Show Starts 8pm, usually ends around 10pm. The NCF £1 Comedy Night features a mixture of established acts trying new material and new acts. You never know what you're going to get but it's always a great laugh. Come see top acts practising their new material and support the up-and-coming acts as they start their careers, you never know who may become the next big star! All for just £1. You can tip at the end if they made your ribs hurt with laughter! * The £1 Comedy Night won the best East Midlands Open Mic Night at the 2016 Midlands Comedy Awards. To guarantee entry, tickets can be bought in advance and the more advance bookings they get the more chance of a good line up and it's only £1.10! (which includes 10p booking fee). So please book sooner, than later, go to the NCF Comedy website: the website has a link takes you through to See Tickets where advance tickets can be purchased. Or you can chance it and buy your ticket on the door! You do not need to print off your ticket, just give your name or booking reference upon entry and they will tick you off their list. Please post a comment confirming when you've bought a ticket. 🃏 More importantly, post a joke! 🃏 Let's chat and have a laugh in the lead up to the event. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Folks, hate stating the obvious, but if you want to make it easy to be recognised by others, then please update your picture, so we can see your face👱👦 and how you look now! 💗💗💗😇POLITE REQUEST😉💗💗💗 If you change your mind 🤔 and decide not to come 😔 no worries 🤗 but please do have the courtesy to change your RSVP status to not coming❌ so I'm not looking 👀 out for you and can chill and enjoy my night too! Also you could gift your ticket to someone else if you like👍😘 Appreciated! ğŸ˜¦ğŸ˜®ğŸ¤ğŸ˜«ğŸ˜’ğŸ˜”ğŸ˜•ğŸ˜²ğŸ˜žğŸ˜ŸğŸ˜¤ğŸ˜¦ğŸ˜§ğŸ˜¨ğŸ˜©ğŸ˜¬ğŸ˜±ğŸ˜³ğŸ˜µğŸ˜¡ğŸ˜ ğŸ˜ˆğŸ˜–ğŸ˜£ğŸ‘¹ğŸ˜¥ğŸ‘»ğŸ˜“ğŸ˜”ğŸ˜Ÿ A Serious Bit in response to some Weirdness! You Guys all deserve openness, honesty, transparency and to socialise safely, so please get on board with the below in the Spirit of decency and friendship... Folks, hate stating the obvious, but this is a social group to make friends,👧👨 bit difficult to do that if you disguise your identity,🕵 spying🕶on folk is not acceptable❌and it's creepy👻 👀hiding behind pics of 🐶 and 🌻 raises concerns as to your motives💀⛏ and intentions and frankly about YOU as to whether you are a genuine member!😈😨👹😬👺💀👻👽🤖👾💩 🤔If you are concerned about anyone in particular, knowing what social events you are attending, use a nickname! Call yourself Doris or Boris for all I care! 😉 But unless you are in a witness protection programme,ğŸ˜Ž which I very much doubt!... FOR EVERYONE'S PEACE OF MIND AND SAFETY, YOU MUST POST A RECENT, CLEAR, RECOGNISABLE FACIAL PICTURE 👱👦 SO YOU CAN PUT A FACE TO THE COMMENTS, IT MAKES YOU ACCOUNTABLE FOR WHAT YOU SAY AND DO AND FOLKS CAN RECOGNISE YOU AND ENGAGE OPENLY WITH YOU! ❌ DO NOT POST WEIRD, UNFRIENDLY, NEGATIVE, UNACCEPTABLE COMMENTS, YOU WILL GET THE RED CARD! 👿 ✌BE NICE TO ONE ANOTHER, BE POSITIVE, FRIENDLY AND KIND 🕊 👧💖👳 & IF YOU HIDE BEHIND A PICTURE OF A🦄🐵🐰🐤🐧🐢🐝🐛 PEOPLE ARE RIGHT TO BE SUSPICIOUS AND WAREY OF YOU! IF NECESSARY I WILL DELETE COMMENTS TO AVOID OFFENCE OR MAYBE LEAVE IT, SO PEOPLE CAN SEE YOUR TRUE COLOURS! 👹👽💩😨 LIKEWISE IF THERE'S A PERSON/PICTURE, THAT ALWAYS RSVP'S BUT THEN NEVER ATTENDS AND YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN/SPOKEN TO THEM IN PERSON AND GOT TO KNOW THEM - BE CAREFUL FOLKS! IF YOU ARE NOT PREPARED TO COMPLY, FINE, BUT DO NOT RSVP OR COME TO MY EVENT... HAVE THE MANNERS AND DECENCY TO RESPECT MY WISHES AND GO SOCIALISE ELSEWHERE BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT WELCOME.. NUF SAID ğŸ˜Ž Cheers Red 😉💋

The Canalhouse

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This Nottingham social group is open to all ages and aims to organise a variety of events that appeal to a wide range of interests. If you live in or near Nottingham and want to meet new friends and have some fun days and nights out then do join us. One requirement is everyone uses their real name - first name will do. Photos -We recommend you put a clear picture of yourself on your profile as this will help our hosts spot you at the events. We understand you may not want to include a photo of yourself when you first join, however once you've attended one or two events we do prefer you upload a photo of yourself. Please note - This meet up group is set up for social activity, everyone is responsible for looking after themselves and looking after their own well being. We are NOT responsible for you! Hope to see you at an event soon.

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