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This group promotes discussion between parents or intending parents for mutual support in building dynamic relationships with children. I've started it because as an empowering school-teacher, I've seen the extraordinary achievements children and adolescents are capable of when encouraged to believe in their abilities. Working with children of all ages in all educational contexts (mainstream, special, secure, referred) and with their parents, I've helped pupils burst through limitations and helped parents enjoy their relationships with their children at a much deeper level. Examples include: Year 9 boy, Maths Special Needs group since Year 6, gets Grade B GCSE; mild girl I taught Maths to in Year 7 only, becomes star actress at school and gets 14 A* GCSEs, a school record which she said was "because of you".

We'll be looking at building parent support groups in your immediate neighbourhood and/or at your children's school. You'll see your children become responsible, empowered young citizens, leaders in their circles, empowering positive change in other children at school, thereby improving the learning environment for all. You'll see them grow up to care about others, empowering them also as responsible members of the wider community.

You'll get to know your neighbours better, and see a safer and more friendly neighbourhood take shape. People will look after each other and children will become more considerate and respectful. I'll be introducing you to as yet little-known local initiatives which have already been tested and proven to work.

You'll know that the relationships you've developed with your children will be lasting and deeply satisfying, and that they will have learnt to develop outstanding relationships in all contexts as a result of your good example. You'll be able to anticipate a life of appreciation which will continue indefinitely, even after we've all gone and bit the dust!

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