July 2018 Meetup

Nottingham Data Platform User Group
Nottingham Data Platform User Group
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Vat and Fiddle

Queensbridge Road · Nottingham, NG2 1NB

How to find us

We'll be in the Goldings Room

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This month's sessions are:

Gavin Campbell - Effective Unit Testing for SQL Server
We've all written lot's of T-SQL, but how much of it has been tested to make sure it actually works. What does happen if someone submits a negative value to that payroll script?

In this session Gav will walk through the why and how of testing your T-SQL code. Untested code is just a bug waiting to be discovered.

Second session is Richard Swinbank talking about ETL orchestration in TSQL:

There are many techniques for orchestrating ETL processes, but the difference between good ones and great ones is how they perform when things go wrong. Desirable behaviours – like fault tolerance, quick fault finding and easy resume after error – often aren't available and sometimes seem hard to achieve. In my session I'll present an approach to doing this using only TSQL and the SQL Server Agent, and which also enables parallel processing, adapts to evolving workloads and provides a wide variety of monitoring and diagnostic information.

Food and drink is available from the bar.

We'll be in the Goldings room. I'll be around from about 6ish you're getting there a bit earlier.

Best parking option is the Railway station multi storey about 4 minutes walk away.

Hope to see you there.