Nottingham SQL Server user group November Meeting


Please note that for this month (November 2019) we will be meeting on the first Thursday (7th November) rather than the usual second. This is due to the venue already being booked.

So this meeting is on the 7th November

We'll be kicking off at 18:30 with Speaker 1, quick break about 19:30 to grab snacks and drinks, and then speaker 2 starting about 19:45. Times may move around but we aim to be done by 21:00.

First speaker announced is David Alcock, who's session is:
What have guillotines and satellite navigation got to do with querying SQL Server?
Well, in this session you’re going to find out! We’ll be looking into query performance and that means reading query plans, but in order to do that we also need some background knowledge of how the query optimiser works. With that in mind we’ll be jumping right into optimisation stages, hints and rules. We’ll also learn how to keep track and influence how the engine optimises our queries, and we’ll see if it’s a good idea or not.

The second speaker will be Christopher Johnson, with the following session:
"Development best practices: what we can learn from the .NET world"

This talk goes through some of the development best practices that are common in the .NET world, but which SQL developers tend to be less aware of. It will take a high level view of practices such as source control, branching and merging strategies, unit testing, and meaningful versioning. The intention is not to into detail about the how, but instead to make people aware of what is possible

Look forward to seeing you all there