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Securing your site like it's 1999

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Securing your site like it's 1999


Life in the early days of the web was hard. One day your HTML is disintegrating, the next you are fighting someone named “~Ninjad00d~” who has found a way to take over your forum system. Lessons in security in these days were hard learned.

These are the true stories from the early days of the web and how forums, chat rooms and online games were turned upside down for fun and profit. If you stick around after laughing at the misfortune of online pioneers, there will also be lessons about finding your way in a world that wants to exploit your every mistake.


Join us this month as we present the wonderful Katie Fenn, with a talk that will have us reminiscing of the days where the S in HTTPS was a statement of prestige, and snowfall JavaScripts were traded like seasoned conkers.

See you there!
34a Stoney Street, NG1 1NB · Nottingham
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