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JS in CSS, the magic of Houdini

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David W. and Carolina G.


Laura (@freezydorito) is heading up to Nottingham to introduce us to Houdini and the things it can do! She’ll talk about paint worklets, the CSSOM, the layout API, how all these things interact with one another, and why they have the same name!

Join us for Laura’s talk, some food and drink, and a chat with your local JS community.

Food and drink are provided by our wonderful sponsors! Just bring yourself 😀


We're moving to Capital One from this month on, it's right by the train station. One thing to note is that you will need to bring ID with you, but anything with your name on will suffice (e.g. bank card, driver's license, passport).

If you need any assistance do let us know 🙂

Station Street · Nottingham
95 spots left