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The NOVA Makers Meetup group is dedicated to creating and supporting a Maker community in Northern Virginia. Everyone with a passion and interest in making things is welcome to join! For more information visit our website makerspace and meet our community members and see out many tools

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NoVA Maker Faire 2019 Organizing Team - Come help make the makerfaire

We need your help with planning for the annual maker faire, We'll be working through logistics and production-planning. If you enjoy events planning and people networking, you'll really enjoy this opportunity. So if you'd like to participate in any aspect of the planning or organization, please attend. Note: Maker Faire is June 2, 2019 It is a family-friendly event that celebrates makers; techies, inventors, crafters, tinkerers & hobbyists - of all ages. Maker Faire

BL: Blacksmithing 101 Safety Sign off - Sunday Special Session!

Nova Labs (Blacksmithing Alley)


This class covers the basics of blacksmithing with a simple, fun project. Makers learn essential skills like hammer control, tapering, bending and twisting as well as key safety items like how to avoid burning yourself, branding your friends or hitting yourself with blunt objects. You will leave with whatever metal you have beaten into submission. After you complete this class, you can join us at the "supervised practice sessions" and work on anything you can dream up, with help from experienced smiths. Sign off: Blacksmith Safety Prerequisite: NL Green Orientation (GO) class, age 16 to adult NOTE: You may take without GO if you only want to try blacksmithing and will not be returning for the practice sessions. Minors under 16 may not take the class Minors 16-17: May take the class, but parents must remain in the lab and available in case needed or in an emergency. FREE for audience and observers!! Just stop by. This is a great time to listen and learn if you would like to try it at a future event. Or come by to see the awesomeness. READ-->REQUIRED to BRING/SAFETY. There are lots of sparks. So, you MUST wear Non-synthetic clothes, including leather shoes and long pants are a must. Long sleeve shirts are not necessary, but no shorts. Bring your own or borrow our safety glasses. This is outdoor event, please dress appropriately for the weather. We reserve the right to ask any participant to leave if we feel they are compromising safety or disturbing the class. **Refunds are not available if you arrive at the class without the prerequisites and safety compliance. Refunds require 48 hours advance notice and you must cancel your RSVP so the seat can be reused.

BL: Blacksmithing Open Office Hours & Practice Sessions

Special Memorial Day session! Please bring a snack or drink to share with the other smiths! But note that we don't actually have a grill per se... so anything that needs to be cooked will necessarily have to be cooked over a 1950 F forge. After you've taken Blacksmithing 101, continue learning and having fun with blacksmithing. Make new stuff or continue a project. One of our experienced smiths will be there to help. Look up fun stuff on Instructables and youtube. Most of the time, you end up with something really cool, and you always have fun trying. You will leave with whatever metal you have beaten into submission. Cost covers use of propane, materials and tools. FREE for audience and observers!! Just stop by. This is a great time to listen and learn if you would like to try it at a future event. Or come by to see the awesomeness. Prerequisite: Green Orientation Sign off Class AND Blacksmithing 101 sign of No prerequisites for coming to view and ask questions!! *Refunds not offered if prerequisites are not met at the time of the class. Blacksmithing NEW POLICY: Minors under 16 years who have permission to use the tool from the steward MUST work together with a parent or designated adult who must supervise and participate alongside the minor. The adult must take Blacksmithing 101. The adult is responsible for the safety of the minor and must be close enough to physically intervene in case of danger. Required safety items: You must wear safety glasses (we have some tonbirrow ifnyou need them), leather shoes, and 100% non-synthetic clothes (cotton, wool, leather). You will not be able to blacksmith if you are wearing synthetic clothing. We suggest you mark your personal gloves and glasses since they are frequently forgotten at the lab. Bring water and stay hydrated.

3d Printer Build Night

Nova Labs

Come and build your own 3d printer, learn more about 3d printing technology, find out when the next build group is happening. Bring your own printer in for troubleshooting, asking questions, or fine tuning. We also welcome people who have already built their own printers to help others get theirs going!

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Woodshop Sunday: Get help and supervised tool practice

Nova Labs (Woodshop)

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