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Enjoy tennis with a great variety of players in the great outdoors in the summer, indoors in the winter! This group is an excellent way to broaden your skills, meet people, and find similar players. We typically juggle courts and player allocations about every 30 minutes or so. Before RSVPing for any Meetup, please review our policies below.

SUMMARY: You can arrive at the start time or any time after that (if arriving later, please post on that Meetup's "conversation" section below the Meetup info if possible to let us know so we can set up courts). If you're later and there are an odd number of players you may have to wait until a break. Please bring some extra balls and lots of hydration. In the event of possible rain, please watch the "conversations" and your email that day for updates from the Meetup's organizers. In rare cases we may not have courts for everyone but due to the player limits we set (14-16) it's unlikely. Note that we have often post ideas and requests for feedback in the Discussions section of this group (just below the red bar near the top) so check there and feel free to post your own thoughts.

Required Skill Levels: Unless stated otherwise, you must have an advanced level of play to join our regularly-scheduled Meetups (typically considered USTA 3.5+). This means you are able to keep the ball in play with consistency against other advanced players. We greatly appreciate those that are trying to learn the game (we've all been there) but it's been too hard to line up courts in those cases, and the meeting organizer may ask you to consider coming back after more instruction and practice.

Costs: Our group and the 4 organizers provide a service to local tennis players by providing an easy way for players to find others at their skill level and to attend our regularly-scheduled sessions; this Meetup service costs us $180/year. Until we recoup the cost plus some balls and water, we require a $10 donation for a "season pass" (which is still cheaper than playing just ONE indoor game at most clubs). Look in the description of a Meetup for information on costs, if any.

Group Etiquette and Removal. This is a friendly group. The organizers work hard to set up these venues that help other players find similarly-skilled people to play regularly in a friendly, courteous setting. Setting up court allocations can be very time-consuming and difficult so please respect your fellow players, the organizer of your group and his or her court allocations and requirements. We may ban members that are unable to cooperate in this environment. Also, to help keep our membership list clean, we may at our discretion remove members who have not attended any Meetups or visited our page in the last year or so; in most cases, you are welcome to reapply based on our current Meetup requirements as posted here.

RSVPs and Cancellations. We place limits on the number of players in each Meetup because it's hard to match up too many people and there's a potential of not enough courts being available. It's important that you change your RSVP to NO if you can't make it, allowing others to play. Likewise, if you don't RSVP and just show up, we may not be able to place you. If you can't get on Meetup, you can text or email the organizer. Organizers will post any other specific requirements on their particular Meetups. If you're unable to follow either of these requirements two or more times we will remove you from the group.

Court Allocations: In general, we try to pair up players with similar skill-sets then rotate groups about every half hour or so, though this is based on the people that show up. It's mostly been doubles but we can do singles as well. Please be flexible and understand that we want people to play with those roughly their own skill level (intermediate+). It's important that all players understand and work with these guidelines (also see above for "skill level"). Those who RSVPed will be placed first until there's an even number of players. Organizers will post any other specific requirements on their particular Meetups. We will do our best to please everyone and have fun!

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