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At turns gorgeous, exasperating, exhilerating, and baffling, David Lynch's films are among the most distinctive in all of cinema. In this group, we'll watch and discuss his major films, starting with Eraserhead. And if there's interest, we'll also watch Twin Peaks at a clip of 2-3 episodes per meeting.

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Let's watch Eraserhead

Sewell Mill Library and Cultural Center

UPDATE: The Sewell Mill Library room is still not available to reserve as of 3/29/2021, and I can't find any other appropriate, available public venues. I don't see a point in doing an online-only version of this group, so I'll continue pushing this back until something hopefully opens up.

Unfortunately, the system won't let you list TBD for the date. So, please consider the currently-listed date as a placeholder until this notice says otherwise.

Once again, my apologies for this, but we are literally in historically unprecedented times.


Let's start by watching Lynch's first film, Eraserhead. Described by Lynch as "a dream of dark and troubling things," Eraserhead announced him as a major talent and remains incredibly unnerving today. Stanley Kubrick described it as his favorite movie - https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eraserhead We're meeting at the Sewell Mill Library and Cultural Center. If there is interest, we can grab dinner somewhere after the screening.

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