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"This group is for Nurse Leaders who are interested in sharing their experiences and learning from each other. I started this group because as a nurse leader myself I recognize the challenges we face in achieving both quality care and business goals while managing an increasing number of tasks and maintaining a happy healthy environment for patients and team members. Join this group and discover the power of shared discovery."

Is This You?

• Do you ever find yourself completing the work of others because it is easier to just do it yourself and get it right the first time?

• Do you find yourself resorting to using emotionally draining and forceful methods such as corrective action so that you can hold others accountable for their responsibilities.

• Do you find that you have less and less time to complete your management tasks because you are spending too much time addressing employee needs and/or workplace drama?


• What it would feel like to delegate responsibilities and be confident that assignments would be completed as well as, if not better than, you doing it yourself?

• How you would feel if your team were engaged and excited to take on extra responsibilities and were not only consistently compliant with meeting goals and expectations but were committed to doing their very best.

• Leaving work everyday feeling accomplished and having a sense of fulfillment because your team are fully focused on the needs of the team and the patients.

If this resonates then you are in the right place. By joining this group you are showing commitment to your personal growth as a leader and to that of others. This Meetup environment is free of judgement and accepting of all members wherever they are in their journey as a nurse leader.

Congratulations on taking a step forward and taking responsibility for your personal growth.

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