NuttX - The Open Access Meetup

Location image of event venue


The NuttX Open Access Meetup is a 'birds of a feather' event for people from the Netherlands and nearby countries to introduce them to the NuttX operating system ( Reference hardware will be available for attendees in the form of the ST 32L152CDISCOVERY board.

This is an evening outreach session 'attached' to the NuttX 2019 International Workshop. To register for the workshop go to To register for the evening outreach session this is the right place.

The meetup shall take the form of a tutorial. There's the potential for hands on activity if you bring a laptop and usb-mini lead with you, but we don't want the whole thing to degenerate into an IT support session so that'll be secondary, and you're more likely to make progress if you've got NuttX and its core apps downloaded and compiling on your machine before the session starts!