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This Group is for all the hardworking women trying to juggle between children, home and starting something of their own.
The “NYC Moms Ideate and Execute Entrepreneurs(work from home)” group specifically wants to get all the moms together on the same platform, who have an “Idea” for their business but need access to knowledge and support in parts to EXECUTE.
As part of the mom community we meet so many other strong women who might have taken a career break or simply want to take a leap and are ready to become Entrepreneurs but do not know HOW.
We have a million ideas to pursue but don’t know which one to pick.
Will we make good entrepreneurs, is our idea a viable industry idea, is it outdated in this digital world, do we need big capital investment, do we need a degree to start something of our own, do we need licenses, do we need partners.
Being a Mom for almost 8 years and meeting so many interesting women from varied fields of work, who chose being mothers over careers, I realized I have access to so much expertise I would not have to pay for if we all came together and helped each build new careers, new enterprises from scratch. Some of us can even partner & in others we can freelance for, to support another mom’s idea.
Using each other’s Skill Set and Experience we can build, design and produce a new entity!
The goal is to meet actively & regularly, inviting speakers, organizing seminars, fund raisers and we as a group will promote and support non profit ideas by giving a platform through events and by reaching out to viable investors.

Time for us to get out meet and interact and who knows a lot of us may be able to find our calling through this and exchanging knowledge on ideas and products will also give us enough exposure and training.
This Meetup aims at simultaneous professional and personal growth for each of us. As a part of these meetups through seminars & events, we can incorporate and encourage mindfulness and self-worth talks to achieve personal growth interactions.

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