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NOW: Presenting the Easiest Way Ever To Learn about PowerShell

Organized by Doug Finke, Microsoft PowerShell MVP since 2009, author of "PowerShell for Developers".

If you work with PowerShell, this is the meetup for you. We are PowerShell experts teaching how to leverage this automation platform in your enterprise.

Every month are speakers presenting to help you improve your skills in PowerShell and all that it touches.

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced topics. Including speakers from all over that have the skills to deep dive the latest and greatest. Including talks on best practices.

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Using PowerShell to bridge the CI/CD gap on Azure DevOps - Zach Gardner

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Microsoft has made significant strides to automate CI/CD pipelines in Azure DevOps, but not everything that's needed in an enterprise setup is supported as a first-class feature in the platform. In this presentation, Zach will go through real world examples he's used to build and deploy cloud-native code to Microsoft Azure. He will also present on some challenges he's had using Terraform, and where the Az PowerShell module can help compliment features not yet natively supported by IaC tools like Terraform.

I am a software architect that comes to work to make users' lives better. I find the nexus between business needs, how users want to use software, and what can be feasibly implemented given the constraints of time and cost. I currently consult for a large health system in NYC, from my company's office in Kansas City, though I take every chance I can to pick up some chicken over rice (with white and hot sauce, 54th and Park is my favorite).

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AutomatedLab 101 - Mikey Bronowski

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