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NOW: Presenting the Easiest Way Ever To Learn about PowerShell

Organized by Doug Finke, Microsoft PowerShell MVP since 2009, author of "PowerShell for Developers".

If you work with PowerShell, this is the meetup for you. We are PowerShell experts teaching how to leverage this automation platform in your enterprise.

Every month are speakers presenting to help you improve your skills in PowerShell and all that it touches.

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced topics. Including speakers from all over that have the skills to deep dive the latest and greatest. Including talks on best practices.

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Pipelines in a (nut)Shell - Friedrich Weinmann

Online event

Like the power of automation using tools such as GitHub Actions or Azure DevOps pipelines?
Wish you had similar capabilities on your local box without having to tie it into those services?
Well, the PSModuleDevelopment coding toolkit might just have a surprise for you ...

** BIO **

Fred is a customer engineer at Microsoft, brining security and automation to customers. In his spare time he does more PowerShell, reads, writes, plays strategy games, mixes cocktails and brags about his toys.

Core Concepts: Making sense of Functions - Phil Bossman

Come and walk through building your first function. We’ll discuss the parts of a function, how to use them, and ways to effectively use functions to accomplish your goals. We’ll also discuss creating Advanced Functions and how they can improve your scripts.

** Bio **

Phil Bossman ( @Schlauge ) is a PowerShell enthusiast with a passion for learning. Phil is currently a Citrix Architect and End User Computing expert in the Raleigh, NC area. Phil is a co-organizer of the Research Triangle PowerShell User Group (@rtpsug).

Visualize PowerShell data with SquaredUp – Richard Benwell & Shawn Williams

SquaredUp is an awesome free dashboard that lets you plug in any PowerShell script to visualize and share data with anyone in your organization. Maybe you want to pull some VMware performance stats, some analytics on Microsoft Teams, or just a personal dashboard for your sports team, SquaredUp makes the visualization bit easy – you just bring the scripts.

The folks at SquaredUp will also be running a special NY PowerShell competition to win Star Wars LEGO – join the meetup to learn how!

You can learn more about SquaredUp at https://squaredup.com

** BIO **

Richard was a former product architect at Citrix before he founded SquaredUp in 2011 to bring data visualization to the world of complex infrastructure and applications. Richard recently relocated to Boston, MA from the UK.

Shawn has over 20 years of systems management experience at Purdue University, and is now a tech evangelist at SquaredUp, sharing his passion for PowerShell, data and dashboards.

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PowerShell: Secrets Management - Mike Kanakos

Online event

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