What we're about

Join administrators, end users, architects, developers, and other professionals that work with Microsoft Technologies for a great day of awesome sessions presented by industry experts.

O365 Saturday is a fantastic day to learn more about the many facets of Office 365. The day show cases presentations from Leading experts on all things Office 365. With topics from development, administration through to end user experience and change management. There is something for everyone!


Many Cities

Every year, Office 365 Saturday Australia comes around to many different cities around Australia. For 2017, the cities are:

Perth - May 5th 2018

Melbourne - June 16th 2018

Canberra - July 14th 2018

Brisbane - August 11th 2018

Adelaide - September 15th 2018

Sydney - October 13th 2018


Get involved:

Are you interested in giving a talk? Fill out a speaker submission (https://foxltd-public.sharepoint.com/_layouts/15/WopiFrame.aspx?guestaccesstoken=iTGtPBuEgDp8YgU78sBtn9kSv0cMQF9X2npZY716kqM%3d&docid=1_16c6de26d41ac4cf9b27d68266c8d7837&wdFormId=%7BA8C4A7F6%2DA7B3%2D490E%2DBADE%2DC07EAA862A17%7D&action=formsubmit) here. Get in touch with us or the organisers of your city's user group.

Get connected:

The Office 365 Saturday events are great to see many different topics all on one day, with many interstate and even occasional international presenters.

Beyond the single Saturday every year - be connected with your local user group and build a valuable network of professionals in your city.


Win some fun prizes from sponsors

Office 365 doesn't exist in a vacuum. We will tell you what are the best ways to get customization, best practices and best governance considerations.

We will also be the first to tell you - you can get a lot of value and talk to some of our sponsors. Many offer turnkey solutions that will greatly enhance your experience without breaking the bank.

Also, they bring lots of swag, prizes, pay for the venue and the coffee!


We would love to see you

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O365 Saturday Brisbane 2018

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