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PEERS Board-Provide & Get Advice on Your Challenges from Your Peers (linited)

As business owners we many times run into dilemmas. We are trying to make important business decisions, or a choices or chose a new direction but are not sure about it. In many instances we don't have a wide enough support system to help us evaluate our decision or help us think about a challenge from a different perspective. Big companies' CEOs have boards and consultants. Smaller business don't. In this intimate session you would have an opportunity to do two things: 1. Bring one or two main challenges you are currently facing and seek peers' advice. 2. Contribute from your knowledge and experience to your peers and their challenges. Who should NOT attend: -If you don't own your business or if you are not a top decision maker -If you have an idea about a new product or a company BUT you are not in business yet! -You are a job seeker. Who should attend -You own and operate a business and have challenges -Top decision maker in a business and have challenges -Feeling comfortable sharing with the group about your challenge/s - Willing to contribute to others from you experience and willing to participate in a discussion to assist others to do better

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