What we're about

This meet up is for anyone looking to upgrade their health and life to the next level. Whether they are looking to gain the physical and mental edge on their performance, increase they're energy and brain function, or they are currently dealing with a health issue and would like to explore solutions that do not come from a prescription. Many of the same principles that can upgrade our performance are also the solution to many of the most common health issues and degenerative diseases.

In this meet up we will be exploring ways to enhance the human experience, primarily through the methods of Biohacking, Functional Health, Holistic Health, Nutrition, Nootropics, NLP, Fitness, Technology, and much more. We will be looking at different ways to increase vitality, increase energy, increase brain function, increase motivation, increase positive emotions (from both the physical and mental sides), and amplify our overall ability to experience the greatest life possible. We will also dive into many of the issues that we are currently facing in our health and performance, and how to reverse and overcome those issues.

Come join us! These meet ups are fun, educational, and contain the answers to our most pressing and confusing health issues. These meet ups are currently free and open to all. Looking forward to getting to know you, here's to the next level of you!

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