What we're about

• This group is for free speech advocates and seekers of truth. All conspiracies are welcome. You should join if you want to have RESPECTFUL, CIVIL discussions about conspiracies with open minded individuals who question the mainstrean narrative.
• Ages 18+ only due to shocking and often emotionally mature topics.

• Events will be discussion based, including activites such as general socialization, book recommendations, speaking engagements, powerpoint sharing, documentary viewings, conspiracy site field trips, potluck parties, beach hangouts, etc. (open to suggestions).

• Scope of macro topics will include current events, past events, revinionist history, future projections, international affairs, national affairs, local affairs, spiritual, religious, scientific, paranormal, financial, sociological, psychological, and physiological implications of any conspiracy.

• Examples: illuminati, mk ultra, federal reserve banking, freemasons, secret societies, cultural marxism, zionism, khazars, jesuits, cults, kabbalah, occultism, astro-theology, elite bloodlines, skull and bones, global warming, psychedelics, 5G, HAARP, alternative energy, supressed technology, big pharma, illegal trafficking, pizzagate, pedos, anonymous hackers, government corruption, JFK, assasinations, aliens, vaccines, GMOs, chemtrails, satanism, satanic ritual abuse, spirit cooking, cannibalism, adrenochrome, freeman, natural law, anarchism, fascism, nationalism, communism, socialism, constitutionalism, libertarianism, immigration, globalism, doomsday, veganism, social justice, artificial intelligence, flat earth, hollow earth, red pill, matrix, holographic reality, remote viewing, consciousness, enlightenment, reincanation, heaven, hell, paradigm shifts, military industrial complex, wars, Hollywood, music industry, hypnosis, mind control, freedom, slavery, transhumanism, 9/11, bohemian grove, bilderberg club, nazi experiments, public relations, psychopaths, area 51, underground bases, annunaki, new age movement, tartaria, atlantis,
and so on.

Upcoming events (5)

Disclosurefest Los Angeles

Los Angeles State Historical Park

FREE - Disclosurefest 2019 is a mass meditation initiative and educational event. Lots of public speakers will be there talking about spirituality and conspiracies. It also includes workshops and vegan food venders. We will meet up and hang out for the festivities. It’s going to be awesome! Tickets ($0-$5) and more info: https://disclosurefest.org/

Huntington Beach bonfire (Magnolia St.)

Huntington State Beach

🦉🔥Come hang out with us as we reenact the Bohemian Grove “Cremation of Care” ritual while surrounded by soccer moms and frat goys... oops I meant frat boys. Open-minded friends, family, and gfs/bfs welcome too. Things to bring: hooded robes, healthy food, beverages, frisbee, football, blankets, chairs, fire wood. I’ll be bringing a bluetooth speaker to blast some Alex Jones for the entertainment of those around us while we talk about life.

Pizzagate Outreach #1 (HB Pier)

Huntington Beach Pier

Help us educate the public about the satanic coverup of pizzagate and child sex trafficking. We will make signs saying “Research #Pizzagate” “Research MK ULTRA” “Elite Pedophile Rings” “www.ritualabuse.us” I will bring a foldout table and several binders full of photographic evidence for pizzagate and MK ULTRA. Great videos for spreading the word: https://youtu.be/diqSlOC3UF4 https://youtu.be/aUpAWestY88 https://youtu.be/gnD12Q-QksI https://youtu.be/Z9GlB0TPDp4

2nd Truther Social

SOCO and The OC Mix

Past events (2)

First Meetup @ The OC Mix

SOCO and The OC Mix

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