What we're about

This group is for people that love to go to mainstream movies.

We'll meet about an 90 minutes before the movie or event and socialize at a nearby restaurant like a dinner/movie meetup. This will give time for everyone show up at their own pace without the stress of waiting outside the venue on the sidewalk checking your watch every 2 minutes. Then we'll go to the event as a group. We'll pick pubs and restaurants next to big venues.

Sometimes people get busy and want to see a movie or event but none of their friends are available to go with them. Or they are working when their friends go see it. Or there are meetup groups seeing it but very far away. Or the movies weird and not what you really want to see.

I pick Saturday/Sunday as the day for the movie or event because people are too busy working during the week. Saturday can have laundry, errands, and nobody can really get ready before 3pm ( I can't) but by that time everyone already has plans. This way you have something to do every weekend. You know about when it is going to be and if you want to have dinner with the group, we are going to make that possible by leveraging that eating time as the pre-gathering time for the people that always run late. So that problem is solved! We're building it into the plan. Sound good?

Initially, we'll eat, and then still mozy on over to buy tickets for those of you that do not fandango, usually 30 minutes before show time. Then head in 20 minutes before show time. If there is a line, we'll scout it out while eating nearby and get in line as a group. We'll hold a row in the middle 10 people wide. Some can sit right behind or in front of that row but we'll try to hold the group together. It's no fun going to a meetup group and not being able to find the group so don't come super late. If you become a regular and get someone's cell number they can save you a seat, but don't make it a habit of forcing someone else to do that for you, because it's not always possible. Come socialize beforehand and then see the movie with the group.

We'll always get separate checks at the restaurant so don't worry about a big bill share cost. Just pay for what you eat and drink. You can just have a coke or split something with someone else. If you don't want to eat before the movie then just come to the restaurant 40 minutes before showtime and head over with the group. No pressure to spend money, just be social. We may go out again after the movie so by that time you might be hungry. Either way, just have a good time and relax.

I'm modeling this group after several successful dinner and a movie groups in NYC, Denver, and San Francisco. I will always give EXACT show times in the event details, not a range, so you know WHICH show we're attending so you can fandango your ticket. If that means I have to update the event page Wednesday, then see updates because sometimes the theaters don't schedule the info a month ahead of time. But I can see on IMDB that the movie is opening up so that is why I'm scheduling the movie just after opening night.

Some people just want to show up just for the movie or event and that's ok. If you are tight on cash and eat at home that's ok too. Just be on-time to the restaurant as we head over. OR get your ticket and wait for us at the theater. Either way is ok. If you can wear red it may help you find the group and the group to find you.

Contact me via message if you do not have a compliant face photo or have a special circumstance. The face photo enables me to recognize and welcome you to events. Without it my task is harder.

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