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This group is for people who would like to go out on a movie date together . It could be any age or gender . Members of OC are invited.

Often times, you wish to watch a movie 🍿, but do not have anyone to watch it with or others are busy or have scheduling issues. You don’t need to be left out. You can always count on another OC Movie Goer (OMG) to give you the right company . After all watching movies is always more fun in a group of like minded people.

If members (OMG’s) wish to go for dinners post the movie, it is always an option if they decide to do so. But there is no obligation.

Feel free to post group messages with any movie that you are interested to watch. All members can post, wait for replies and then just meet up. This can be useful for any impromptu/ unplanned / on the spur of the moment desire to watch a certain movie on a certain day. This enhances the experience for the OMG’s. Once in a while, the organizer will create events for some movies that you can attend. If you have a Regal Movie Crown Club / Discounted Costco movie passes, make use of them.

Members will have an opportunity to make new friends, have some real time social networking in today’s digital times 😊

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