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MBPR0Z: All into & curious about polyamory (, especially those local, let's grab a bite to eat, chat and connect! MBPR14: When MDJR5D: Repeating 1st Tuesday of the month at time range specified above. MDJQ6Z: Instances in order: : MDJQ6D: Scheduled[masked]tue[masked] (, 4+1 attended. MDJQ89: Scheduled[masked]tue[masked] (, MDJQDH: Scheduled[masked]tue[masked] ( -date will be delayed due to holiday. : MDJQJS: Listed here since incorrectly doesn't automatically well-display this info: MDJRRA: A repeating Meetup event incorrectly doesn't automatically display: MDJRU0: the repeat pattern to the end-user. MDJRVZ: the other instances as previous & next. MDJQFI: Short-URL manually included as hides this 1hr after event start.

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