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SoCal Poly Friends Message Board › MAZXVG: Our Meetup group's Basics: official URL, name, headline, description

MAZXVG: Our Meetup group's Basics: official URL, name, headline, description, what members called, location, logo, topics

A former member
Post #: 510
MJ71RH: This thread is to log & discuss ideally-all significant changes to this & why.

MJ79NW: This info is set by­ (archive) except topics set at­ (archive)

The name:
*It is currently "OC Polyamory and Sacred Love".
*the "and Sacred Love"
**Kundan says this is from Mani X­ when he ran the group.
**I am bothered by this as it seems to have no constructive meaning. "Polyamory" is arguably a proper subset of "Sacred Love" and that later topic is too broad.
**I Google Search for "Sacred Love" to see if there is some special meaning here which is intended that I'm missing, but I see no related definition, except a website which is called ~"Tantra Sacred Love" but that seems minor plus, though Trantra community overlaps with Polyamory, they seem not the same thing.
**So I decide to cut this.
**Kundan says he doesn't care if it is removed.
**is too short for Orange County is a name.
**"US.CA.OC's Largest & Most-Active Polyamory Community Group" -fits with just 4 characters left, and because there's an Orange County in Florida. BUT Meetup runs this onto 2 lines, so change to:
**"OC's Largest & Most-Active Polyamory Community Group" which fits on 1 line. But Kundan points out that Group is redundant (implied by Group); I didn't think so at first but but all applicable meanings given by http://dictionary.ref...­ he seems to be right, so set to:
**"Orange County's Largest & Most-Active Polyamory Community"
A former member
Post #: 512

  • Name:
    *"Orange County's Largest & Most-Active Polyamory Community", the "Most-Active" now might be debatable, not because we don't try but due to the 2x/months meetings as this Wed's­ with about 20people attending. We would like to do this but we're not getting that turnout yet, in part because Kundan & Dave may have let this group languish for a few years.
    *Unfortunately we can't say we're "Oldest" due to­ "Founded Sep 16, 2010", 2 months earlier
    **although, since that's just doing 1.4events/year, we could if that closes as I suggested at­ greet "Nov 17, 2012 1:46 AM".
    *So now replace that with "Since 2010, Orange County's Largest Polyamory Community"
  • Description: (1st posted 2:03 PM)
    My 1st editing of this, starting to getting it up to my standards.

    Only minor changes so far:
    *put GUIDs on every point, especially to reference it, especially key given there rules in here which then will need to referenced.
    *Broke each rule into it's own point.
    *Added outline numbering for further clarity.
    *Moved Polyamory definition to the bottom (as important to tell ONLY for those who don't know it)
    *From­ intro
    **Added reference to universal rules
    **Added Meetup intro.
    *Bolded key text in every paragraph.
    *A number of bigger changes I see, including changes to some rules, plus Qs, but these I want to talk with Kundan about first, ideally in person as this would be tricky to cover via SMS, but it could be talked about here somewhat okay.

A former member
Post #: 562
  • MJ72EM: Name:
    MJ69VB: change to "Orange County's Polyamory with Integrity"
    MJ69ZI: *Yes we loose advertising "largest" promotion but indeed more important is integrity which the other groups are notably weak at, notably­ (which disposes & misjudges members, holds on to bad ones & throws out good ones, I know a number of examples) and­ (which is almost entirely inactive so wastes members times joining).
  • MJ72FR: Description
    MJ6AH8: Cut this text

    MDMSBV: Healthy communication is essential for any relationship to succeed. In poly relationships, with even more people involved, good communication is even more important. Often issues can arise, such as time management challenges, feelings of jealousy, or finding a bed big enough for everyone. This group provides a place for you to discuss your concerns, ask questions, share your experience, and meet other like-minded people. Yes, there is a poly community out there.
    MDMSC5: Please note that in being poly, it does NOT mean that the person has sex with just about anyone. Often men mistakingly join this group thinking that it's a good place to get some action. Nothing could be farther from the truth. This is a social DISCUSSION group. It is NOT a swingers' group or a dating site. We get together, usually over a meal, to discuss polyamory. It is alright if you think that the poly lifestyle might be right for you, and you want to come to find out more about the concept. It is NOT alright if you are looking for a date. This is a group that provides a SAFE environment for poly-minded people to feel support and a sense of community. Please be advised that inappropriate postings or behavior will get you kicked out of the group.
    MDMSCM: It is now the policy of this group to have a proper profile photo that identifies who you really are. For the safety of this group, all those without a proper profile photo will be removed from the group. That means no cartoons, etc.
    MDMSDC: Also, 3 No-Shows will result in removal.
    MDMSDN: Plus, if you are married, please state in your profile that you are married. The basis of polyamory is not just Many Love, but honesty and consent with all lovers. It is NOT a license to cheat.
    MDMSBI: What is Polyamory­? -1st see that link; in addition: Polyamory means "loving many" or "many loves." It is a relationship paradigm that is different from the concept of monogamy. Polyamory embraces the freedom to love more than one person at a time. However, there are as many different ways to design a poly relationship as there are different kinds of people. Some people have several lovers. Some form dyads in which the couple might date a third person or another couple, or perhaps each member of the couple has outside relationships. Some people form triadic unions, or even larger groups. Some people choose to live together, while others maintain separate homes. Often groups may choose to be polyfidelitous and share sexual relationships with only members of their group. Others may have completely open relationships.The possibilities are endless!
    MJ6E58: much new text in the description.
  • MJ6E2W: change "What members are called" from "OC Polyamorists" to "poly & poly-curious"

A former member
Post #: 564
MJ71EL: Merging into this thread the content of MDMQB0: Group ("About us..."=Official description)
MJ71GF: as name, URL, & description need to sync and are changed by the same page and often together.
MJ71II: renamed this thread from "MAZXVG: Our "Meetup Group Name" & URL" to present.
A former member
Post #: 565

  • MJ72PW: In Description, rewriting & extending HTML
    <li><span style="font-size: xx-small;">LTDSHF:</span> <strong>New to</strong> Welcome to Meetup, too! – the most-powerful major website to find & host in-person groups. If you want, <strong>simply use your Facebook to login</strong>. <em>Meetup provides you <a href="­ in-person local groups</a>:</em> all topics, worldwide, & mostly for free!</li>
    <li><span style="font-size: xx-small;">MDMSQY:</span> Moreover, like a Better Business Bureau member... <strong>We're a proud follower & endorser of</strong> <strong><a href="­ Rules & Guidelines for L2PG1L</a>!</strong> –<em>a free eBook which includes a great intro to Meetup</em></li>
  • MJ79ER: Improved content notably; added sections MJ78ND, MJ78WV, MJ78ZQ;
  • MJ79EY: Replaced Headline fr(Welcome!) to(Welcome! Our “About us...” (in left column) UPDATED 2013.03.05 -please read!)

A former member
Post #: 566
MJ7A74: Topics­
MJ7A8S: *For 1st time, I archive (see 1st post) & review; we're in 8 of 15 topics:

Communities & Lifestyles
79 Meetup Groups worldwide (including yours!)
Sacred Sexuality
252 Meetup Groups worldwide (including yours!)
Relationship Advice
329 Meetup Groups worldwide (including yours!)
Alternatives to Marriage
67 Meetup Groups worldwide (including yours!)
Polyamory Book Club
3 Meetup Groups worldwide (including yours!)
Open Relationships
167 Meetup Groups worldwide (including yours!)
Alternative Lifestyles
229 Meetup Groups worldwide (including yours!)
200 Meetup Groups worldwide (including yours!)
Add another topic
Why are topics important?
Well-picked topics help the right members find your Meetup Group.
Your Meetup Group will be listed in our directory under each topic you choose.
Suggested Topics
Suggestions are based on your Group's info and/or what other topics Meetup Groups like yours have added.
[resorted by decreasing # of groups;]

  • Personal Growth
    (8557 groups)

  • Singles
    (6732 groups)

  • Self Empowerment & Exploration
    (5884 groups)
  • Self-Improvement
    (5830 groups)
  • Dating and Relationships
    (3233 groups)

  • community
    (473 groups)
  • Sensuality and Intimacy
    (333 groups)
  • Human Sexuality
    (252 groups)
  • Swingers/AlternativeLifestyle
    (104 groups)
  • Polyamory and Open Relationships
    (81 groups)
  • You can add more items by adding lines that start with a

MJ7AFE:** Scared Sexuality -what exactly is that? I don't well-know but find http://en.wikipedia.o...­ covers it but itself says it's hard to define. http://sacred-sexuali...­ has 252 Meetup groups worldwide (quite a few); some of our members are into it and I see no immediate harm on quick review, so leave it.
MJ7AQV:**Sort topics
MJ7CL5: Look at leading Polyamory meetup groups within 50miles
MJ7BD7: Look at­ and see they have, reviewed here, quote: Polyamory and Open Relationships [Just use Polyamory as that's too broad] · Alternatives to Marriage [got it]· Human Sexuality [maybe add] · Polyamourous Women [maybe] · Swingers/AlternativeLifestyle [no, not covering this topic]· Polyfidelity [possibly]· Sensuality and Intimacy [maybe]· Open Relationships [got it] · Poly-Friendly Discussion [maybe] · Polyamory [got it]· Dating and Relationships [got it]· Alternative Lifestyles [got it]
MJ7BWX: Look at­ : they have, reviewed here, quote: Polyamory [got it]· Swingers/AlternativeLifestyle [no, not covering that]· Open Relationships [got it] · Friends with benefits [nope, recommending Polyamory instead] · What is Tantra? Tantric Sex and Lovemaking? [maybe]
MJ7CQK: *­ has quote: Social Networking [maybe] · Dating and Relationships [likely]· Communities & Lifestyles [got it]· Relationship Advice [got it] · Polyamory [got it]· Alternative Parent [maybe] · Intentional Communities [maybe]

MJ7CT8: Add all 3 groups in bold in above topic all a "Suggested Topic" which ranks high. high-ranking.
MJ7CXB: Cut http://polyamory-book...­ as only on 2 other groups and we don't focus on on polyamory pubs; wonder how this got added, maybe from Kundan.
MJ7FJM: add from example above "Polyfidelity\ 45 Meetup Groups worldwide (including yours!)"
MJ7HC8: -no, cut this as we are maxed out and http://en.wikipedia.o...­ " where all members are considered equal partners" is not realistic with scale.
MJ7FN7: add from "Poly-Friendly Discussion \ 54 Meetup Groups worldwide (including yours!)"
MJ7FVB: "Polyamourous Women\22 Meetup Groups worldwide (including yours!)"
Remove "Communities & Lifestyles \ 79 Meetup Groups worldwide (including yours!)" as out of slots and it's vague and as not many groups (though oddly most are in OC­ )
MJ7GMF: "Intentional Communities\ 128 Meetup Groups worldwide (including yours!)"

MJ7IMD: RE "Parenting and Family<br/>352 Meetup Groups worldwide (including yours!)" -maybe; yes.

MJ7IQS: "Alternative Parent<br/>81 Meetup Groups worldwide (including yours!)" -maybe

MJ7QBX: Resultant group list: quote: Polyamorous families · Poly-Friendly Discussion · Polyamourous Women · Polyamory · Alternatives to Marriage · Dating and Relationships · Couples · Singles · Parenting and Family · Relationship Advice · Alternative Lifestyles · Intentional Communities · Sacred Sexuality · Open Relationships · Personal Growth
A former member
Post #: 567
MJ7L4J: Archive the present settings and have Lucy­ review them. She says:

MJ7L6H: She suggests a woman's statement near the top of Why Women like polyamory near the top, right after pt MJ6CZS & ahead of the males mention.
MJ7LF7: Cut "and be on your best behavior" as it does the opposite (worry women men might) and already strong enough with "we allow children and don't allow sex" and other points
MJ7LIS: "independently inventing it" "independently coming to the polyamory point of view"
MJ7LMC: "malign" replace with "malevolent"
MJ7LPF: replace "& kids" with "and families"
MJ7M4L: swap MJ6BVY & MJ6BVR edit some
MJ7M47: topic order to more appeal to women:
Polyamorous families
Relationship Advice
Dating and Relationships
Sacred Sexuality
Personal Growth
Polyamourous Women
Parenting and Family
Poly-Friendly Discussion
Alternative Lifestyles
Alternatives to Marriage
Intentional Communities
Open Relationships

MJ7Q9G: increase pics from 0 to 6, including:
MJ7QTS: Post Greet on Dr. C's profile­

Hi,Coryanna! Thanks for being an event-organizer of OC-Polyamory! Indeed u hv impressive credentials&grp profile, &looks,2! Per that, at Lucy's suggestion, I've featured you in our fully-updated but not yet announced official group description per point­ pt MJ7QTS: there click "About us..." to see u and reply there w/ any feedback. Also hope to see at 1 of ur mtgs soon, perhaps tonite'­ .&pls say Hi!
Mar 5, 2013 7:47 PM

A former member
Post #: 573
MJKG4M: re "About us", over the last few days, I did notable updates; looking polished; now with headline q(Welcome! Our “About us...” (in left column) UPDATED 2013.03.11Mon0925) and being proofed by Lucy­.
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