New QML Features: Markdown & Inline Components

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Every 2nd Wednesday of the month until April 7, 2020

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There are two great new QML features that we'll talk about: Markdown support & Inline Components.

I will show off a Markdown viewer written in QML & C++ that shows the following:
- Qt 5.14 support for markdown formatting
- drag & drop to load a text file with markdown formatting
- real-time updating each time the dropped file is modified
- unit tests to verify the file system watcher class that reloads the text file

Also, we'll talk about inline components that are coming out in Qt 5.15. Here's an example:

Column {
id: col
// inline component declaration requires Qt 5.15 or later
component MyText : Text {
color: "aqua"
font.pointSize: 12
textFormat: Text.MarkdownText
MyText { text: "_declare and use_" }
MyText { text: "within" }
MyText { text: "**same file** }
MyText { id: adText; text: "- Burmashave\u2122" }
Button { onClicked: adText.font.italic = true }