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Book club - Text Mining with R

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Book club  - Text Mining with R


Are you looking to improve our R skills? Come just us for a book club. It will be headed up by John Peach. The idea is to motivate us to read books and discussing them together. This will help all of us to develop our skills.

The format will be that the leader will prepare a short summary of the material and present it to the group. We will then discuss the material and do some exercises.

The expectations are that you will attend regularly. If you cannot make a commitment to attend, please wait until the next book club starts. It is also expected that participants will take turns being the leader. The leader should prepare a summary of the material that was read and present it to the group.

We will meet each week, Monday evening between 6:30 and 8:00 PM for six weeks.

Book: Title: Text Mining with R
Dead Tree:

Signing up: When you sign-up you will be placed on the waiting list. We always have a lot of interest but the book club is a significant commitment. The coordinator will confirm your commitment. Please make sure that you get meet-up emails.

Session 1:

  • C1: The Tidy Text Format
  • C2: Sentiment Analysis with Tidy Data
  • Exercise

Session 2:

  • C3: Analyzing Word and Document Frequency: tf-idf
  • C4: Relationships Between Words: N-grams and Correlations
  • Exercise

Session 3:

  • C5: Converting to and from Nontidy Formats
  • C6: Topic Modeling

Session 4:

  • C7: Case Study: Comparing Twitter Archives
  • Exercise

Session 5:

  • C8: Case Study: Mining NASA Metadata
  • Exercise

Session 6:

  • C9: Case Study: Analyzing Usenet Text
  • Exercise
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