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R in the command line

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R in the command line


Talk 1

In this talk, attendees will get an introduction to writing command-line interfaces in R. The talk begins with a discussion of fundamental command-line topics like managing output streams, exit codes, and environment variables. After that, the talk will explain each argument to the "Rscript" executable. The talk will then describe how to write your own R programs that take in command-line arguments, using built-in functions like `commandArgs()` and external packages like {argparse} and {crayon}. The talk concludes with a demo of two R command-line interfaces used in the {lightgbm} project: one for running linting with {lintr} in continuous integration and one for building a C++ library using CMake. Sample code will be available on GitHub prior to and following the talk.

Speaker: James Lamb

James Lamb is an engineer at Saturn Cloud, where he works on a team building a managed Dask + Kubernetes product. He is a maintainer on {lightgbm}, and has made many contributions to other open-source data science projects, including {xgboost} and prefect. He is also a maintainer and co-author of two other packages on CRAN: {pkgnet} and {uptasticsearch}. He holds master's degrees in Applied Economics (2014) and Data Science (2018). Before joining Saturn, he worked as an IoT Data Scientist at Amazon Web Services and Uptake.

Talk 2

While working remotely, I often have client projects where RStudio is unavailable for data security reasons or otherwise. R is a feature-rich environment for terminal users as well, and I will discuss the underappreciated functions around highlighting, graphics, editor integration, and other nice-to-haves for day-to-day usage of the terminal.

Speaker: Neal Fultz

Neal Fultz is a long-time friend of the LA RUG/Tech community. Check out his Github or his past talks at

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6:30 James
7:00 Neal
7:20~8:00 Q&A and social (Combined)

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