• LogiCal-LA 2019!

    Sycamore Center Plaza

    The LogiCal-LA 2019 conference is happening this summer, so mark your calendars for July 21, 2019! This conference explores what's new in the science world, examines why we think the way we do, and promotes the public education of science. This year we will be having 12 exciting speakers to enlighten and inspire all who attend. We are very proud to be the only annual conference in the Los Angles area and look forward to a well-attended event where everyone will have their fill of the latest that science educators have to offer. Lunch, snack time and an afternoon cookie break will be included. There will be a Saturday night social and Sunday dinner with many of our speakers attending. Go to our EventBright page by copying this link to your browser to register, or go to our webpage at logicalla.com. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/logical-la-2019-conference-for-scientific-skeptics-and-critical-thinkers-tickets-61741096281?ref=estw If you would like to be on our regular email list, send your email to info at logicalla dot com. (Unsubscribe anytime.)

  • Skeptics at the Pub Meeting

    Shamrock Bar & Grill

    Let's meet at our usual location and enjoy interesting discussion and civil discourse. For newer members - if you haven't been to one of these events try this one. The topics vary quite widely and there much sharing of knowledge from others.... Park in the back (this is a very small bar and can be easily missed - it's on the south side of PCH)

  • Avengers - Endgame

    Century Stadium & XD

    Last of the avengers movie series (that we know of). There's been 26 Avenger movies. This one is a doozie. If you're up to a three hour long flick then join us in Orange at 8:10 inside the theater my the arcade. Tickets are only $5!

  • Monthly Pub Meeting -

    Shamrock Bar & Grill

    Join is for some informal conversation of all things skeptical. Talk of recent news, challenging opinions and civil discourse are welcome!

  • Spring Meet and Greet Lunch Social

    1138 Austin St

    DO NOT SIGN UP ON THIS MEETUP Go to this link to sign up: https://www.meetup.com/Backyard-Skeptics/events/260039894/

  • No Pub Movie- The Reflecting Skin

    The Frida Cinema

    This event doesn't meet at a pub- I know, It violates the natural order of things. The primary post for this event is at https://www.meetup.com/Backyard-Skeptics/events/259764745/. Movie with optional dinner.- see bottom. The movie: The Reflecting Skin. An instant sensation when it premiered to sold out screenings at Cannes in 1990, writer/director Philip Ridley’s haunting feature debut The Reflecting Skin is a darkly humorous, nightmarish vision of the American dream that went on to achieve cult status as an international VHS oddity. Now, thanks to the good folks at Film Movement, The Reflecting Skin returns to art house cinemas in a gorgeous new restoration! Paid parking available behind the theater; sometimes it's free. Meet at the theater entrance at 7:15pm. Try to get your ticket earlier. Dinner: Meet at the 4th St Market (201 East 4th St, use same parking) at 6:15pm; We'll sit inside at the tables across from Dos Chinos.

  • Discussion and dinner

    Shamrock Bar & Grill

    Let's have some interesting discussion at our favorite Irish pub. The question to start off the discussion is: What is the most important social /political/environmental issue concerning you?

  • Our Annual Winter Solstice Party!

    the Gleasons

    See more information about our annual solstice party here: https://www.meetup.com/Backyard-Skeptics/events/256313537/

  • Secular Day of the Dead / Secular Día De Los Muertos

    Tickets include Mariachi band, dinner, and surprise guests! Please note that you must get a ticket from the below Eventbrite link. A Meetup RSVP is not sufficient to give us a headcount. Payment at the door may not be possible as seats are limited. 6:00 Happy Hour, cash bar 7:00 Dinner and show 8:00 Honoring the lives of dead loved ones (All speakers are welcome.) $8 Parking ($10 Valet) Face painting only $5 Specialty Drink ("The Saint Christopher Hitchens") $10 Bring photos of the loved one(s) you are honoring to place on the Secular Honoring Table. Tickets $35 from Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/secular-day-of-the-deadsecular-dia-de-los-muertos-tickets-48251020100 This event is sponsored by the following Secular groups: Atheists United www.AtheistsUnited.org The Center for Inquiry West www.CFILA.org The Freethought Society www.FtSociety.org Sunday Assembly Los Angeles www.SundayAssemblyLA.org

  • Monthly Meeting at the Shamrock

    Shamrock Bar & Grill

    Time for another night of interesting discussion and civil discourse! Come enjoy the company of like-minded skeptics You might learn something new!