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OCTW in TAIWAN - Pa Pa Go!!!

Because we are a bunch of friends who used to (or still) live in the States but back to Taiwan now. We would like to meet and have fun with anyone who can speak English,no matter who you are, where you from, what nationality you are. If you would like to practice your English, this is your perfect chance!!!

Story of OCTW - Taiwan

OCTW in TAIWAN - Pa Pa Go Meetup Group is created based off a meetup group in the US called OC Very Taiwanese - OCTW

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Just a little bit about who we are:

We're a group of Young Taiwanese Professionals, age ranging from 20s ~ 30s who loves to laugh and have a good time. It's so hard to make new friends if you just moved here, have a tough work schedule, or all your college friends all moved away because of work/family. We love to make new friends. So, please, join us and welcome to the OCTW family!

Legal Disclaimer:
Please note that during all events, you are responsible for your own safety and personal properties.
In any or all circumstances, you agree not to hold the Organizer(s), Event Host(s), or any member responsible for any unknown, unforeseen, unanticipated injuries, damages, loss and liabilities.
By RSVPing "Yes" and/or attending the event, you have acknowledged that you have read and
accept the terms and have release all participating members of all liabilities.

Also, please note any photographs taken at an event may/will be posted on the group site.


OCTW in TAIWAN - 趴趴走是一個從美國南加州OC Very Taiwanese - OCTW 延伸出來的一個分社團

OCTW 的故事


我們大都是生活在加州的台灣人,年紀約20∼30歲的上班族! 我們發現在加州有很多來自台灣的朋友們,因欠缺足夠的管道去認識志同道合的朋友,所以我們成立此交友平台 ,想讓大家藉由此管道,更容易參加您喜歡的活動,結交新朋友!!


- 生活圈太小想擴大?
- 總是ㄧ個人吃飯?
- 想出去玩找不到人ㄧ起?(打牌沒牌咖,打球沒球友...)
- 沒人敢跟你ㄧ起上山下海?
- 想認識其他專長的朋友拓展視野卻苦無機會?
- 工作時身邊ㄧ堆老外,都沒機會講國語?


如果您不是台灣人,也沒關係! 只要您有台灣朋友已經是我們的團員且強力推薦您加入,我們非常歡迎您唷!


請注意在活動進行的時候,注意您自己的自身安全與財物是自己的責任,在任何狀況下,你都同意活動主辦人並不負責任何未知, 預測不到或意料之外的受傷, 財產損失或債務。如果你在任何活動RSVP Yes或是/而且親自參加了活動,表示您已經閱讀過並同意我們上述所說的免責聲明。

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新會員看過來!歡迎你參加OCTW! 這不是一個活動!New Member FAQ. Welcome to OCTW! (not an event)

大家好! 感謝您加入OCTW!這不是一個event喔! 這只是一個新朋友問&答。。你可以在這里問任何問題,給任何意見! OCTW為什麼叫做OCTW呢? OCTW成立在2013的一月在美國的南加州! OC是Orange County美國南加橘郡,由于OCTW是在Orange County創立的所以取做OC,只有OC的人才能參加嗎?不,我們到處都有活動,看到喜歡的,在附近的,就趕快報名吧! TW代表的就是Taiwan了,我們想要在異鄉找到自己的同伴,所以OCTW就這樣成立了!只有臺灣人才能參加嗎?不是,只要你有愛臺灣的心,有臺灣人的朋友,喜歡臺灣的小吃,能融入我們,你都可以申請加入。 為什麼在臺灣也有呢? 因為在離開臺灣十幾年後,再回到臺灣,發現自己的朋友圈變的很小,所以想在臺灣找到一些志同道合的朋友們,大家一起出來玩,一起練習英文! 我們常常被問: "我剛加入OCTW. 但是不知道下一步該怎麼辦?" 我們是一群友善的年輕人們,大部分來參加的人,想要認識新朋友,我們會說英文或是想學英文。 作為新的一員, 我們希望你能盡快成為我們朋友圈裡的一份子,所以我們建議你參考下列的撇步: 1. 認識我們的主辦人!我們的主辦人認識大部分成員。他們是為你介紹新朋友的最佳人選! 2.從小活動開始!來參加我們的晚餐,羽球,爬山活動!我們舉辦小型的活動是有原因的。你可以盡情的聊天,真正認識來參加的朋友們。說說你的嗜好,工作,你想談什麼都可以! 怎么加入我們的活動呢?很簡單,找到你想參加的活動頁,在右上角有一個Are you going? 那里有個很漂亮的紅色按鈕Yes,大力的給它按下去就對了啦!對那個活動有任何問題,都可以在這個頁面詢問主辦人,你的主辦人會列在第一位,在名字下面會寫著Event Host 主辦人。 3.加入OCTW的臉書!這樣你可以看到我們的動態,或是和跟你聊過天志同道合的人成為朋友! 我們的臉書粉絲團: https://www.facebook.com/groups/OCVTW/ 4. 我們有LINE 聊天室。 如果你想加入,請麻煩 message 我們的 "EVENT HOSTS"。 在我們主頁的左邊有一個信封寫著Contact的,按一下就可以聯絡我們了,在我們的Line聊天室,你可以得到第一手的資訊,學習英文,聊天,問問題,也可以分享資訊,但請不要有任何商業行為!謝謝你的合作! 如果你人在美國,也請你加入我們在南加的meetup http://www.meetup.com/OC-Very-Taiwanese-Group/ 還有。。 這不是一個event喔! 這只是一個新朋友問&答。。你可以在這里問任何問題,給任何意見! Hello~ Thank you for joining OCTW! This is NOT an event, this is just a FAQ for new members to ask questions. We were often asked - I joined OCTW, so now what? Well, we are a group of friendly individuals, we don't bite! We are all here because we would like to know more friends. Most of us can speak English or would like to learn English. Being new, it is somewhat difficult to feel "comfortable" in a new Social Group. We love for you to be part of our friend's circle, so we would recommend the following: -Meet the hosts! Our hosts know most of the members for months, if not years. They can be the best person to introduce you to new friends! -Start small! Join our dinner, badminton or hiking events! Our dinner events are small for a reason. You can talk and really get to know these people. Come talk about your hobbies, job and anything you want to talk about! How to join our events? Super Simple! Find the events you like to join, on the top of right hand side, Are you going? Just click on the beautiful red Yes button! Then you are in! If you have any questions about that particular event, please contact your event host, or post messages in this event. See pic above for demonstration. -Be a part of OCTW Facebook page! That way you can see what we are up to, be friends with people you've just hung with, etc. Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/OCVTW/ -Join our Line Group Chat room, please contact us via our main page - There is an envelope labeled Contact on the left side panel of our main page, see above pic for demonstration. In our LINE Group Chat, you can get most up to date info, learn English, chat, ask questions, and share info. Please do NOT engage in any commercial activities. Thank you for your cooperation! If you are in the US, please join OCTW in SoCal! http://www.meetup.com/OC-Very-Taiwanese-Group/ This is NOT an event, this is just a FAQ for new members to ask questions. Welcome! Your OCTW Friends

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