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This is a group for people living in or moving to Orange County who love the idea of living in an old-fashioned friendly neighborhood where kids play outside after school and neighbors have spontaneous cook-outs. If you want to live someplace where you know your neighbors by name, occasionally loan tools or camping gear, offer rides, water plants for someone on vacation, or could ask for help in an emergency this group is for you. Maybe you already live in a place like this. Maybe you want to find one. Here, we can meet for playdates, & potlucks and find future neighbors. If this describes your street, we will label your street as an "OC Village". When a place becomes available, tell us first so you can get more friendly neighbors near you!

We've all heard great fences make great neighbors, so here are some guidelines for being a great OC Village neighbor:

1. Never violate Fair Housing Laws:
We are a diverse group so be courteous and agree to disagree on divisive topics such as religion, parenting practices, and politics. You can still have very rewarding neighbor friendships and have almost no shared ideology. Anyone using this group to get around Fair Housing laws will be banned.

2. Respect privacy:
This group is going to be attractive to people who want to be friendly with their neighbors, but everybody has different preferences for solitude, so be ok with your neighbor smiling and walking right past instead of stopping to chat.

3. No obligation:
If you joined this group, chances are good you are willing to help out your neighbors, but only offer from your surplus. Every flight attendant will tell you to put your own air mask on first, so take care of your own needs and only offer time, energy, items, etc. when you can do it without getting resentful. It's ok to ask & offer, and it's ok to say no.

4. Be Safe:
Use common sense with regards to safety and privacy. Meet in public until you get to know each other.

We will meet at least once a month at a local park for a pot-luck!

Thank you so much for joining!

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