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We all realize that to enjoy a happy and successful life we need to be strong and healthy, inside and out. That's why we work together: to inspire, motivate and keep each other accountable! Our group is open to all ages and walks of life. Our group is led by a Certified Fitness Trainer/Wellness and Life Coach, a passionate enthusiast, dedicated to making our workouts both challenging and fun, and our stretching sessions - relaxing!

For more info, please visit http://fitinoc.com/ or call (949) 441-0678
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Upcoming events (5+)

Couples: Deepending the Heartfelt Connection

Woodbridge, Irvine


February is the perfect month to focus on deepening our meaningful relationships. This workshop is for couples, where partners will be able to release stress, restore and deepen the emotional, mental and spiritual connection. You will learn simple tools to dissipate tension, conflict and emotional strain. These tools help to prevent and resolve arguments in a mindful, respectful way and build a more harmonious relationship. See reviews from past events: http://mindfuloc.org/reviews-2/ Time: Saturday, 2/9, 3-4:30 pm Thursday, 2/14, 7-8:30 pm Saturday, 2/16, 3-4:30 pm Location: The workshop is held in a private residence Private residence on E. Yale Loop, Irvine. For the address please text on the day of:[masked]. Admission: $30/couple (if you are not satisfied with your experience, the fee can be waived.) All forms of monetary payments accepted. More details: In this workshop you will learn how to connect with your mate on a more meaningful, profound level, which can greatly improve the quality of your relationship. You will take home new stress release skills that can help you bring positive changes to your daily life. This is a free introductory class, everyone is welcome. If your loved one cannot make it, you may come alone: you will still benefit from the class and be able to share your knowledge with your partner later. Some of the benefits of couple's meditations are: - Improved stress response - More mindful attitude in interactions - Higher self-esteem - Improvement in relationships - Relaxed body and mind - Better night sleep Class is held indoors, with dimmed lights and soothing music. Important info: • Please bring: - a bottle of water - pen & paper/notepad - a yoga mat AND a blanket (to sit on the mat comfortably. Chairs will be provided for those who can't sit on the mat) • It is preferable to allow 1 hour after a large meal or 30 min after a snack, before class • Wear comfortable non-constricting clothes • If you have any health concerns, especially any serious health problems or are pregnant, please consult your doctor before attending and notify the organizer before class • With any questions, you can call/text (949)[masked] or email [masked] • By joining the group, you agree to release the organizer from any liability related to incidents that could potentially occur at or as a result of the workshop. • Please be respectful to other participants and organizers, and arrive 5 minutes before the beginning of session to avoid disrupting the session in progress • Classes are lead by a certified meditation instructor: http://mindfuloc.org/ • Reviews from past events and clients: http://mindfuloc.org/reviews-2/ For more info: 1. Send message to the organizer, Tamara 3. Call/text: [masked]

Boost! - A Happiness workshop {phone RSVP required}

Woodbridge, Irvine


Have you been trying to find happiness and not sure how to get there? Are you unable to shake the blues, maybe dragging your feet, or just feeling uninspired and 'blah'? Do you just want to feel even happier than you already are? Come to our workshop to find the fun, happy, confident You that's hiding there somewhere! Happiness and joy can be summoned at will. It is possible to retrain your mind to be positive. It is a learnable skill. Take it from someone who had lived in a war zone, gone through PTSD and long periods of depression and anxiety. In our workshop we will explore and practice many ways to lighten your mood, improve your disposition and, if you so choose, change your perspective on life. No gimmics or magic pills will be offered: you will learn simple, real-life skills that will bring your mood to the next level. Why be happy (just in case you're not sure if it's worth it). Happiness: - Helps Reduce Stress - May improve your health (boost immune system, brain function, heart health, extend life expectancy, reduce pain) - Helps Improve Your Relationships with others And yourself! About the organizer: http://mindfuloc.org/ When: Sundays, 11am - 12pm Where: Woodbridge, Irvine. For exact location, please text/call [masked] Admission: $15/session (if you are not fully satisfied with your first experience, the fee will be waived :) 5 sessions: $65 10 sessions: $120 All forms of monetary payment accepted What to bring: Just your beautiful self and and a mind, open to possibilities. With any questions, text/call [masked] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Disclaimer (boring legal stuff): You probably know that that life coaching cannot replace psychological or psychiatric treatment, and by attending this meetup you agree to release the Organizer(s) from any liability related to incidents that could theoretically occur during or as a result of the workshop

"Sleep-well" Yoga: Yin Yoga/stretching {phone RSVP required}

Woodbridge, Irvine


Mind-body tension and insomnia go hand in hand. The viscious circle of tension and stress is self-perpetuating and can cause a lot of problems and pain. Yin Yoga is renown for its profoundly relaxing and calming effect. I invite you to experience this blissful style of yoga in a soothing environment complete with soft lights, essential oils and calming music... Yin Yoga a fantastic way to increase or maintain flexibility as it focuses on the areas around the joints. You’ll immediately notice more open hips, buttery muscles and a major mind detox. In the long run, it will lubricate joints, release the fascia of the body, increase flexibility, joint mobility and reduce risk of injuries. Some practitioners notice improvement in their balance and gait. When: Mondays 8:00 pm-9:00pm (Please RSVP no later than 5 hr before class) Admission: $15/class (if you are not fully satisfied with your first experience, the fee will be waived :) 5 classes: $65 10 classes: $120 Please read this important information: • If you have any health concerns, especially any serious health problems or are pregnant, please consult your doctor before attempting any physical activities • Make sure you allow 1 - 1.5 hours AFTER a large meal or 30 min after a snack, before class • What to WEAR: comfortable, stretchy attire that will not constrict your movements, long pants preferred but not required. Wearing layers can be helpful, if you run hot while moving, because it's important to keep your muscles warm after class. • What to BRING: Water Yoga mat - if you don't have one, you can borrow it in class Foam roller - if you own one • With any questions, you can call/text (949)[masked] or email [masked] • By joining the meetup, you agree to Meetup Terms of Service releases the Organizer and Assistant Organizers from any liability related to incidents that occur at Meetup gatherings • Classes are lead by a certified fitness instructor For more info: 1. Send a meetup message to the organizer, Tamara (http://www.meetup.com/Irvine-Fitness-Meetup/members/61015752/) 2. Email: [masked] 3. Call/text:[masked]

Belly Dance Fitness class (phone RSVP required)

Woodbridge, Irvine


Hi and welcome to our Belly Dance Fitness Class*! My Goddess Power™ workout is a signature program that is based on simplified elements of the ancient art of Belly Dance, which is very beneficial for the whole body. It strengthens the majority of muscles and joints, provides a natural invigorating massage to internal organs, encourages positive self-image and brings emotional fulfillment. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced dancer, this class will help take your body to the next level of conditioning. (click here (http://www.meetup.com/Belly-Dance-Fitness/about/)to learn some interesting details about this workout) *PLEASE NOTE: if you are not satisfied with your 1st class, the fee will be waived. **If you have any health concerns, especially ANY SERIOUS BACK PROBLEMS or are PREGNANT, please consult your doctor first, before attempting any unusual physical activities.** {{Please RSVP by noon for weekday classes and by 9 pm the night before for weekend classes}} WHERE: Classes run in Irvine (Woodbridge area) (please text [masked] for exact location) *If you have a group of friends who are interested in a class outside the above hours, please message me :) HOW MUCH: $15/class (if you are not satisfied with your 1st class, the fee will be waived) 10 classes: $130 + bonus: a free hip scarf with coins For more information please email the organizer or call/text [masked] More details about our classes: ABOUT: My Goddess Power™ workout is a holistic way to achieve body/mind wellness through a synthesis of physical exercises and gentle mental conditioning. It is a unique, whole-body workout designed to shape your body, empower your mind and nurture your soulful, feminine side. (click here (http://www.meetup.com/Belly-Dance-Fitness/about/)for more info) Bellydance is a perfect junction of art and fitness. Accessible to most, it can be as mild or as strenuous as you choose, but it’s always equally beautiful and feminine. It never gets old or boring, because it’s a constant creative process. It keeps challenging you physically, and yes, mentally as well! Bellydance is also an amazing form of therapy, a wonderful release of stress and tension. It empowers and encourages a positive body image. It fulfills your emotional need for feeling confident and beautiful, both inside and out. *Make sure you allow 1 - 1.5 hours AFTER a large meal before you come to class* Click to see WHAT TO BRING/WEAR (http://www.meetup.com/Belly-Dance-Fitness/pages/What_to_bring_to_the_class%3F/)

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