Business Track


During our other OC WordPress Meetups, the conversation often drifts from technology to more business related topics. The business track will focus exclusively on the non-technology challenges that entrepreneurs face every day. All user levels are welcome and anyone from a solopreneur to an agency owner will benefit from the conversation and networking at this meetup.


This month's topic:

Hire Slow, Fire Fast

Let's discuss hiring and firing. The discussion will include how to determine the right time to grow your team, if you should hire employees or contractors, candidate interviewing techniques and more. We will also discuss when and how to part ways with an employee.

Our subject matter expert is Jillian Phelan. Jillian is the VP of Global Human Resources at Avetta, LLC a leading provider of SaaS based solutions for supply chain risk management. Avetta assists with the prequalification of contractors and suppliers. She has over 20 years experience in HR and she will be joining us to share her wisdom.