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via OCAndroid:(SCALE=annual Southern CAlifornia Linux Expo) Day 1of3 10=SCALE10x

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JotHere-style event post ( lastMod_version_status ( 4.1 Announce-Emailed pst[masked]Th07 (just 1 day before); please comment & RSVP! our prior one ([masked]Fr: [via OCAndroid: ]SCALE9 (9th Annual Southern CAlifornia Linux Expo) Day 1 of 3 --not posted but posted Day2&3 (! info ( groups' visit to SCALE10x ( <—click & read! permanent short URL ( permanent full URL ( discussion thread of all additional aspects ( for all 3 days ( featured history+updates, in order (
creation ( date ( by ( ( immediate motive ( this great applicable event; also make an event post (for this real & complex event) which would be a great template for other event posts, notably which would be easy for humans to read & maintain but but also very scalable, on at least , by most any human merely (having the computer fully-copy such a post (starting with this one) which is exemplary & related)-then-(editing the new one suit, with minimal edits needed) so to create & maintain a desired & top-quality event post in minutes instead of an hour or more, including even supporting & tracking recursive copies (copies of copies, so no one single source) notably increasing scalability and resultant "asexual evolution (" of event posts (of course here "evolution" is digital and with humans dictating copies & edits/mutations), so also making event posts "come alive"! operation ("Copy", "Schedule a Meetup", or "SUGGEST A MEETUP") ( a Meetup source ( link ( applicable since NOT a copy ( lastMod_version_status ( applicable since NOT a copy (

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