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MBJOCO: If you're in SoCal ( and now-or-considering doing mobile device ( software development ( (for (the popular mobile OS ( (, iOS (, Nokia's Symbian (, BlackBerry (, Windows Phone (, Bada (, this looks like the place to be! MBJPXY: For the 1st one (, 27 speakers (! I Destiny ( know at least 3 of them. Plus 5 parallel tracks (! MBL875:When MBL8PA:1st one ( 2012.Oct.18(3rd Thu) (0830-2100 so 1 full day!). MBL8PA:2nd one ( not announced. MBYGLK:so seems like it may repeat annually on the 3rd Thursday starting 2012.Oct.18 ( (0830-2100 so 1 full day). MBYFO0: Cost: VERY inexpensive! MBJPZI: at most $20 for the 1st one ( MBYFPX: and get a significant discount by using your OCAndroid ( membership: in your registration, just include a link to your profile on OCAndroid (! MBJOH5: -just $10 before "Oct 12, 2012", no, Oct 17, for the 1st one ( MC1Z1D: $0 for "Student / Looking for Work" says the 1st one ('s EventBrite entry. LO9QFO: ​To attend, please follow the latest version of info for every OCAndroid event LEVW4X (, especially: MBJOHG: Be sure to RSVP here, so we can find each other there & set up carpools & more. MBL9BU: says here (, if you RSVP YES, also post if you can be an event host: in your RSVP else on the event listing: it's easy and helps gather our members, as that link explains. MBYHVS: It would be nice for OCAndroid ( to have a booth and/or representatives there. Please post volunteers to represent our group in your RSVP else on the event listing. MBL85G: Official URL (also of the potential series): “LG4OWH: What are these codes as “LG4OWH” on this paragraph? They're short IDs to date-stamp & uniquely-reference most anything.” MBYIVO: Some listing history, in order: MBJNZO: pdt2012.10.07sun1550- Destiny ( created this event listing by copying & adapting the listing on OCHackerz ([ and now warn against there & OCHackerz ( per MC0I5J below]. MBYJLS: ON pdt2012.10.09tue0005: 1st emailed out, automatically. MBYJ0P: incorporated formatting of latest AndroidOpen listing ( & improved including adding a history section; rewrote text for better repeating, factoring out the text for this 1st instance; added MoibleCamp logo; MBJOCO&MBYHVS: added; pdt2012.10.15mon1625. MBYKD4: Changed title
fr(on OCAndroid: MobileCampLA (2012=#1)+)
to(MobileCampLA (2012=#1)+ on OCAndroid) as this is a more logical sort order; small wording fixes; pdt2012.10.15mon1839. MBYU2U: logo: make 3x larger (hadn't stuck before; now instead of style-attribute which got stripped, use height- and width-attributes);some small word fixing & rearranging; pdt2012.10.15mon2035. MC0I5J: I OCAndroid Head Destiny ( say OCAndroid can no longer endorse, indeed must recommend against, the listing on OCHackerz ( mentioned above in MBJNZO, and the group OCHackerz (, due to, from using that listing, the abuse of leadership powers on me & their other members by OCHackerz Head leader Anil Patti ( (and possibly, but not seemingly likely, his subordinate OCHackerz leaders) on 2012.01.15-16, as detailed at . MC1Z2O: MC1Z1D: added; removed hiding IDs in this history as it's too much work plus the IDs provide a history stamp; pdt2012.10.17wed1334.