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Orange County's Android Community Group for Developers+Users Message Board (LWKFIX=_ Beginner-to-Intermediate Developers' Meetups) › (LT5I0H=OCAndroid Beginner-to-Intermediate Developers' Meetup 1's discussion

(LT5I0H=OCAndroid Beginner-to-Intermediate Developers' Meetup 1's discussion thread of All Additional Aspects, from-conception-to-legend, in that order

A former member
Post #: 2
I look forward to get this beginner+intermediate group started on Wednesday. I'll get some flash drives ready for members to setup the environment.

(LUMVKX­=Updating event listing

  • (add text from Donna's post

    • (LULO2X=The goal is to "set the foundation of Android development for beginner developers. We are going to provide the beginner developers with the best resources online." "The ultimate goal is" for the attendee, after attending 6 sessions, to be comfortable with "the fundamentals of Android development, SDK APIs, and the development-release-publish process.", with quotes from Donna's post.)
      (LULO3J=Each attendee should ideally arrive having already done the preparation steps posted for the particular event listing --paraphrasinging Donna's post.)
    • (LUINUM=Beginner task: "set the development environment up: IDE(Eclipse) + Android SDK + Eclipse ADT plugin" posts Donna.)
  • [Donna, don't edit your post above any more as I've copied the text from it. Instead if you want a new version, create a new post.]
  • (add

    • (LTNLD2 2=(LTODE2= OCAndroid incoming-leader Rohit of Laguna Hills; joined 2010.10.26; 9+RSVP,9+attend; B+I Dev Ldr.)
  • (publish (quote=(LT2MOD last mod=2011.10.13(Sun)pst0501) (LT2VER version=0.5)))
  • (post on Rohit's profile a version of what I posted on Ken C's)
  • (LUMW7Y=The agenda presently listed is still a standard linear course type which seemingly will perform badly for reasons I detailed to Donna. So I write: (LUMD­BI=an optimized agenda for in-person group teaching when (topic takes many cumulative sessions) and (students are at different skill levels & attend unpredictably) ). How do other event leaders feel about this?)
  • (LUMWY6=We need a standard text to cover OCAndroid development beginner to intermediate which meets the criteria of the LUMDBI (even if we don't do LUMDBI as it has good text criteria). Event leaders, what do you suggest? You're the experts.)
  • (LUMWPY=to the event leaders, please post the following (last item)

    • Donna­
    • Rohit­
    • Sanjeev­
    • (LUMX32=Dear 1 of 3 leaders of­ Beg-to-Int Developer Meetups,
      Our 1st listing is nearing completion. And we need to email it out ASAP because the it's this Wed 7pm. But before we do that, on its discussion thread which I give here, please now post your feedback to the listing and in particular to my last update­ especially the LUMDBI method I'm recommending. Thanks.)

San Francisco, CA
Post #: 11
In the email that goes out to the users, I would like to request them to try installing android on their own and come with their machines.

I would suggest they use Motorola studio for android.­

It is nothing but a single installer for all their needs. They wont be forced to sell their apps on Motorola market/phones.

A former member
Post #: 3
It is very good suggestions. Let's all do that. I will get it load up to the flash drive.

In the email that goes out to the users, I would like to request them to try installing android on their own and come with their machines.

I would suggest they use Motorola studio for android.­

It is nothing but a single installer for all their needs. They wont be forced to sell their apps on Motorola market/phones.

A former member
Post #: 368

  • (LUO7YF=Impressive link­ , Rohit. Thanks. Indeed I the distribution says "Release Date: Nov. 9, 2011" so it's been kept current, what one might expect as Google bought Motorola's phone line. Provided it will sync with our standard text WHICH WE STILL NEED TO PICK, I think that download will be perfect.)
  • (LUO82E=Naturally, from event leaders, I'm still awaiting feedback posts here (meaning "Do like it? Or what do you want to change?") on the other event listing changes & proposed changes, including on:

    • (LUO844="(LUIL7F=Change start & recurrance date from 2011.11.15(Tue) to 2011.11.16(Wed) " covered in my prior post here)
    • (LUO9LJ="(LUMW7Y=The agenda [has problems; so I propose redesign LUMDBI])" of my last post.)
    • (LUO85M="(LUMWY6=We need a standard text ...") of my last post.)

    (LUO9MX=And when some of the text you're asked to give feedback on you don't understand (including if you haven't yet fully read it), please don't say nothing (& perhaps getting the glazed-eyes deer-in-the-headlights look from the various GUIDs I've embedded it). Rather post that you haven't yet processed it: post "I don't understand (qoute=....)" or post "I will respond to portion (quote=....) on Tuesday as I don't have time to read & absorb it now". Thanks.)
San Francisco, CA
Post #: 12
Good work Destiny. That was a clever solution.

A former member
Post #: 4
I will hope to hear the voices from our members regarding how we want this group to run to keep things simple and efficient.

A former member
Post #: 369
(LUPLNL=(under construction). Mostly regarding event listing.

  • (LUPLNX=Rohit, per your post above, thank you for the compliment. But what exactly are you referring to?)
  • (LUPM76=2011.11.15(Mon), as Donna was having a hard time understanding my posts on her own, I suggested I meet with Donna, and so met her suggested place, Neighborhood Cup. There I asked and Donna told me she was dyslexic plus ADD, so had trouble reading things as my­ , even a bit more because the GUID codes were displayed. The main problem she said was she reads from the center in spirals, instead of reading linearly from the beginning. I read it out loud to her linearly, and she seemed to understand it perfectly, and liked it quite a bit, even suggested I should patent it. She then asked what she needed to respond to of my post, and I explained, and she made the post above.)
  • (LUPLOA=Minutes after Donna made her post above, she suggested as a text http://developer.andr...­ (with of course developmental tools installation prefixed). This is workable now.)
  • (LUPLP0=Rohit arrived at the meeting of Donna & me just as we were about to leave.
    (LUPLTU=He would not sit thru listening to what we had just worked out, especially the solution I proposed­ , despite Donna persuasion that he hear it thru. Rohit seemed to have no confidence in it and only criticism of it, despite his admitting he hadn't read it fully and clear he didn't understand (like "unpredictable attendance" was what it was precisely designed for).)
    (LUPLU2=Since he wouldn't listen, I asked him what his idea was, and we did listen to it in full. It was to propose a single topic and have all students study in preparation, as he proposed during the Int-to-Adv Dev Mtg for that. I said that that idea seemed quite workable for that level, but not for the beginners & perhaps intermediates who have get themselves started as a group in-person, indeed if they want to go our sessions, really a class, it is because they aren't doing it on their own. He said if they don't do it on their own they're not serious; I said not everyone is self-starters. We held our positions.)
    (LUPLXY=As a compromise, I suggested we try both solutions in the 1st meeting; some time with the 1st and some time with the 2nd; Rohit said that wouldn't work, I'm not sure why.)
    (LUPM0U=The 3 of us leaders came to no new agreement about how the 1st class should be run, though Rohit incorrectly asserted we had 3-agreed perhaps due to fact to his swaying Donna perhaps due to his talk that this would be much simpler.)
    (LUPLYW=Nonetheless, I told Rohit: put your talk into action: write up what you propose as a post here, and propose these topic(s), and I will read it (yes, even if you don't read what I've written up and Donna & I read & agreed upon it). Rohit said he would do it tonight, which is what we needed because, because just before Rohit walked in as Donna & I were getting ready to leave, Donna & I already agreed on a written-up workable solution, one Donna was so impressed with she said I should get a patent on it, but with Rohit this idea, no mater how good could be is still just talk, indeed what he talked about last time but has not yet posted, and we need the listing emailed-out already.
    (LUPM05=But 8am and I have heard no post nor word from Rohit, so I'm making the top-level decision that we go with what we have and look at Rohit's proposal gets around to actually posting it along with actual topics we can use.))
A former member
Post #: 371
(LUPWIE=updating event listing
(under construction)

  • (LUPTMU=~1hr ago, updated event listing, adding
    (LULO3J=We set this to occur at the same place & time as a SoCalAndroid Hack Night (OCAndroid listing)
    (LUPO1E=to combine resources, including the leader of Hack Night who is the Android Development instructor at UCI Extension.)
    (LUPO6P=Attending this always implies attending that Hack Night
    (LUPO1Q=so if you attend this, you should not RSVP for that Hack Night to avoid duplication else apparent-conflict..))
    so "(LT2MOD last mod=2011.10.15(Tue)pst0908) (LT2VER version=0.6)")
  • (LUPTR8=Notified venue reservations Michelle of Tue to Wed change via Greet
    Michelle of­ ,thx 4ur svc. * (OCAndroid Beginner-to-Intermediate Developers' Meetup­) event leaders have moved it fr 3rd Tue starting today to 3rd Wed starting tomorrow, w/#1­ ,-2combine w/ SoCalAndroid Hack Night as listing details. Pls accordingly update the venue (Smart-Soft's user group calendar) & let me know. * Please update your profile as detailed in my Oct 15, 2011 3:05 PM Greet "(part 2of3)" below. Thanks.
    Nov 15, 2011 1:15 PM
    & SMS to this.)

  • )
  • A former member
    Post #: 372
    (LUQ9MD=(OCAndroid Beginner-to-Intermediate Developers' Meetups)
    Course Syllabus 1­
    (version 1.1)

    • (LUQDN9=Every attendee must bring his/her laptop computer with development environment & course work stored on it (else accessible from it via the Internet) else ready to install these things onto it.
      (LUQDQS=Optionally, each attendee should bring an Android device which s/he can program for this course, plus a data cable to connect it to his/her laptop computer.))
    • (LUQ9RS=In advance of your attending and as you progress, determine what next step you are ready for in the course text, as we will be physically sorting & grouping attendees by their expertise here per the LUMDBI method and/or for other teaching methods.)
    • (LUQ9Q1=As hoped, the course text is a free online text which breaks down the material into many small-but-cumulative steps.)
    • (LUQ9TV=The course text is these 9 cumulative steps, in order:)
    • (LUQBIX=If time, so we can all get off to fast start, read up & comment on the new exciting teaching method we will be using & improving to teach this course: the LUMDBI method.)
    • (LUQBNG=And we are open to other teaching methods if similarly fully spelled-out as a public post which all members can see & comment on.)
    A former member
    Post #: 373
    (LUQD80=Updating listing description

    • (LUQDBM=Under 1st occurrence, instead put
      (LUQCWJ=We're doing exciting ­(LUQ9MD=Course Syllabus version 1) --PLEASE READ NOW & PREPARE IN ADVANCE.)
    • (LUQE9B=for subsequent occurrences, put just "--An improvement of last time.")
    • (LUQE76=replace "the best" with "quality")
    • (LUQE86=replace "~6 sessions" with "~9 sessions" to match the Syllabus 1)
    • (LUQEB7=minor text rewriting.)
    • (LUQEBX=Set to (LT2MOD last mod=2011.10.15(Tue)pst1817) (LT2VER version=0.9) and publish.)
    • (LUQEGD=Set maximum attendance limit from 36 to 18 assuming ~3 don't show.)
    • (LUQEND=Turn waiting list from off to automatic)
    • (LUQF8N=To the 3 event leaders put out the greet:
      (LUQEPK=Dear 1 of 3 leaders of­ Beg-to-Int Developer Meetups,
      Our 1st listing (for 2morrow)­ is now seemingly ready to email out. Please review now, &post any last-minute corrections to THE "(LT0DIS=Discussion thread..)" NOT 2 listing cmts. I should be emailing it out ~30 minutes. W/o emailing, we already have plenty of attendees (12) for our 1st mtg; so not to overload 1st mtg, I set the max at 18+automatic waiting list.)
      Sent "Nov 15, 2011 9:39 PM"
      (LUQH01=a few min ago, also alert via SMS, as
      Me to Sanjeev .. (XXX) XXX-6301 - mobile
      11/15/11 7:07 PM 8 minutes ago
      Me: Got the email jst now of my greet on ur­ ? -ur listing is email out, ready 4u to review for any last min changes. 7:07 PM
    • (pause)
    • (LUQGWX=No replies so make minor typo corrections & email it out, (quote=(LT2MOD last mod=2011.10.15(Tue)pst1918) (LT2VER version=1.0)
      (LT2STA=already 12 attending before 1st officially emailed out 2011.01.15(Tue)1920; please RSVP & comment) )
    • (LUQHCM=Turn on Meetup automatic reminders)
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