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Orange County's Android Community Group for Developers+Users Message Board (LVRIT8=SoCalAndroid Hack Nights via OCAndroid) › (LT942U=OCAndroid Hack Nights Meetup 1-3's discussion thread of All Addition

(LT942U=OCAndroid Hack Nights Meetup 1-3's discussion thread of All Additional Aspects, from-conception-to-legend, in that order

A former member
Post #: 312
((the OCAndroid (Hack Nights Meetup) 1 listing)+the event itself)-3's
(LSZTHR=discussion thread of All Additional Aspects, from-conception-to-legend, in that order))­)

(LT6POS THIS POST=(LT9482=(the listing+the event itself)'s initial history 1­). Happenings from-conception-onward:

  • (LT95LX=Before even this particular track occurred to me, I was already hard at work at developing multiple meeting tracks for the group.
    (LT5I1H Get the the necessary background on this listing: read (LT5GBA The 1st history of (the OCAndroid Advanced+Intermediate Developers' Meetup #1 listing) & the event itself ) thru point (LT5HPX 2011.10.05(Wed) ...) then return here.) then)
  • (LT94OZ=On 2011.09.2x: I first conceived of this for OCAndroid this when I first met SoCalAndroid founder & Leader Jeffery P. at one of the the Hack Nights SoCalAndroid advertises and holds most every Wed (predictable schedule) at (LSZ063=OCAndroid venue Smart-Soft of Irvine
    (LT94PD=There, indeed the purpose of my going there, we planned to make the monthly General OCAndroid meeting a co-meeting with the SoCalAndroid Hack Night.)
    (LT94PD=Then I suggested OCAndroid could also list (so advertize to its members) these Hack Nights and he was pleased and agreed.
    (LT94S5=At the time he was getting about 3 or 4 attendees, and I thought with OCAndroid advertizing we could increase that maybe 2 or possibly even 3x.)
    (LT94S5=I then envisioned this would be
    (LT950I=added to the growing collection of ( Meeting Tracks:­) I was developing for the group, though this would be the most different of them, because:)
    (LT9514=it would be for an existing established meeting of another group and just:
    (LT958K=promoting it)
    (LT958V=making it a co-meeting but)
    (LT959D=following the established meeting practices as much as much-as-feasible:
    (LT95CY=yes, OCAndroid members would still follow OCAndroid rules & procedures (such as good profiles & attendance-keeping), but otherwise they would follow whatever the existing meeting does))
  • (LT95R4=I asked Jeffery P.
    (LT95R4=if he would join our group and advertize his meetings on it, including insuring the listings on the two groups were in sync. I told him it would be fairly easy as he already had the listings, just mostly relist them, and answer OCAndroid members' Qs when they had them --I could make him a Meetup Event Organizer I told him.)
    (LT95W1=But he said No. It was fine if we advertized them and brought members, but he emphatically didn't want to join Meetup, "another social networking site" and I couldn't talk him into. So instead he proposed that some of his existing members join our group, too, to keep our listings in sync.)
    (LT95ZF=And there came the idea of advertizing & getting leaders for this position. It would be a pretty easy job, as one didn't have to really run the meetings (SoCalAndroid, notably Jeffery, would take care of that), just take care of the online Meetup listings and take attendance and the other duties of a leader, but without actually having to run the main content of the meetups).)
  • (LT95IE= 2011.10.05: At the general Meeting, when proposed the tracks, I described the OCAndroid Hack Night and 2 positions available, and got 2 takers:

    • SoCalAndroid member Michael C. reluctantly agreed for the primary job. He was not yet a OCAndroid member but promised to join.
    • & Sanjeev delightfully volunteered to be the secondary. He said he was already a member of both groups.
    as Lucy's attendance & key results post also details.
    (LT96CT=So afterwards I got the name, phone, & email of both of them.)
  • to be continued

A former member
Post #: 316
(under construction)
(LT6POS THIS POST=(LT9PDU=a (LT8AY1=a venue update=additional post on the initial history of the subject of this thread, from-conception-to-legend))) (L2011.10.16(Sun)pst~

  • (LT9PII=2011.10.1x- Sanjeev immediately corrected his photo as promised, but Michael C. didn't join OCAndroid --indeed I heard nothing from him, so I SMSed him then, when not hearing back, SMSed him, asking to join (to be detailed here))
(LT9PEC=This is a (LT8P­HP=position-holder eBB-post
A former member
Post #: 317
(under construction)
(LT6POS THIS POST=(LT9PQW=a (LT8AY1=a venue update=additional post on the initial history of the subject of this thread, from-conception-to-legend))) (L2011.10.16(Sun)pst~)
(LT9PQW=This is a (LT8P­HP=position-holder eBB-post
A former member
Post #: 318
A former member
Post #: 330

  • (LTBQHR as part of an SMS with Sanjeev since yesterday or before, here's the latest

    Sanjeeve -6301
    10/19/11 10:40 AM now
    Sanjeev: How does 2 pm sound to you, it shud b quick I m guessing 9:05 AM
    Me: Well if that's the soonest, as it should have been days ago, why I've been trying to get ur attention: it's not quick: yes,it will be very quick in the future,but not quick in the beginning. The short is, as always, *what you need to do is on your Meetup group profile*. Just take care of that and let me know, as I've I've got several upcoming OCAndroid meetings I'm preping for today, not just this &also working actively with Donna. Thx 10:40 AM
  • (LTBQK7 As part of this, indeed just before sending that last reply, I just posted on his Sanjeev's group profile (one more=the LAST) Greet listed here:

      Sanjeev of­
      *Thx4 coming2 (our gen mtg­ pic.
      *BIG thx4 enthusiastically volunteering 2b 2nd Lead 4both:
      **Our new (OCAndroid Bashes for Intermediate+Beginner Developers­) ur starting 3rd Tues! (next wk) -sd b our largest spc track
      **Our new (OCAndroid Hack Nights­) most Weds ur starting the 19th;Ill b askin u2review the listing. Ur mission#1: get 1st lead Michael C. as mbr of OCAndroid.
      Oct 11, 2011 2:18 PM

      Sanjeeve of­ ,hope u hving great week. Thx 4 stepping up2 the plate as a leader of an OCAndroid meeting track. Wondering if I forgot about u? Not at all! This week(+some b4) I been hard@work preparing 4u 6 leaders a customizable event listing(w/agenda & more) 2advertize ur event &make running it a breeze,even turn-key. Yes,Ive more work 2do b4 emailing it out, but Im ALMOST ready 4u2carefully read&review: take a peek@it at­ .
      Oct 14, 2011 10:23 PM
      Also, appropriately, I've updated ur title within our group­ :
      * "Sanjeev of Corona; 5+RSVPs,3+attend;joined 20100326;2nd ldr for 2 tracks"
      -Thanks, and congratulations!
      Oct 11, 2011 2:21 PM

      (LT9V7M=this Greet:
      Dear Leader (event or venue) of (the OCAndroid Intermediate+Beginner Developers' Meetup 1, detailed in (its Additional Aspects­,
      While I'm working as hard as possible 2hv this event as soon as possible, it isnt yet advertized&cant be today, 4reasons I'm posting4u in that thread &in(the venue thread­ in short, from growing pains as OCAndroid grows2have many tracks+many leaders+this new venue.
      Thank u 4your support.)
      Oct 18, 2011 11:40 AM

      Re OCAndroid Hack Night @7pm (discussion­,
      *Thx4 call bak.
      *As u r 2ndary,u're taking the lead here as ur primary Michael C hasnt even joined OCAndroid(see my greet "Oct 11, 2011 2:18 PM" asking ur help here).
      *&while I've done everything possible 2minimize ur work (including doing the lion's share, plus will be putting up listing), still much 1x prep work 4u 2do now, starting/w carefully read (ur Greets+discussion above+­) &let me know.
      Oct 19, 2011 10:21 AM
A former member
Post #: 375
(LUS7QE=This happened some time ago
(LTO3L4=now I (to have a listing for the many new members to RSVP to)
created (this event listing )
(by (copying=(LT2MOD last mod=2011.10.26(Wed)pst0254)(LT2VER versi­on=0.3) 
(LT2STA=not yet emailed-out but please RSVP & comment)(LT2NAM=(OCJUG(Java) Regular Meeting's OCAndroid listing­) (removing all that didn't apply and correcting the rest) (set its ID to (new ID LTO3YC))))(LTOABH=now I set attendance count (to=36) as this venue should hold that okay and this is the max of the (best backup=Lake Forest pizza parlor party room).)(LTU5LZ=added (LTU5JT=Additional details from (announcement of 2011.10.26) source ...))(LTU7X4=rewrote intro (LTNVQ2=((SoCalAndroid=...))), notably cutting some repetition there on where-listed and adding important context as (quote=((...=prior to 2011, (OCEUG.Org=Orange County Embedded Java Users Group)=the next-largest known Android community group serving Orange County) runs, as their one meetup-type since ~2007,).)(LUS7KA=Updated to say ()(LTOO3I=Todo: add a nice bio of the venue)(LTOO48=todo: add a nice bio for each leader.)(LTOO4R=Todo: spice it up with more graphics.)(LTOO5I=Todo: factor out the repeated & admin details, making the listing shorter & cleaner & hopefully more maintainable.)
A former member
Post #: 376
(LUS7RL=Updated listing­

  • (LUS7S2=replaced paragraph to now be
    1. (LTO4A3=For some of the SoCalAndroid Hack Nights, OCAndroid leaders schedule an official OCAndroid event at that same time & place
    (LUPO1E=to combine resources, including the leader of SoCalAndroid Hack Night who is the Android Development instructor at UCI Extension.)
    (LUPO6P=In these cases, attending the official OCAndorid event always implies attending that SoCalAndroid Hack Night (at the same time & place)
    (LUPO1Q=so if you RSVP YES for the official OCAndroid event, you should not RSVP for that SoCalAndroid Hack Night to avoid duplication else apparent-conflict.)
    (LUPO1Q=so, before you RSVP for any SoCalAndroid Hack Night, first RSVP for any official OCAndroid event at the same time & place.) .
    (LUS7TB=other official OCAndroid events should just be able to refer to here and not have to duplicate this text.)
  • (LUS7V2=Factored out the prior updates into the prior post)
  • (LUS7VE=set now to (quote=(LT2MOD last mod=2011.11.16(Wed)pst1753)(LT2VER versi­on=1.0) 
    (LT2STA=1st officially emailed out 2011.11.16pst1753; please RSVP & comment)(LT2NAM=
  • (LUS7ZF=Set Meetup reminders from off to on)
  • (LUS83Z=Officially Announce (email-out))
  • pause a few days
  • (LVG2QF=At date noted here, Regarding (Anoush becoming the primary lead for our Hack Nights­ pt LV3UXM), additional details from my SMS with Anoush

    Me to Anoush Agahi (XXX) XXX-9891 - mobile
    11/19/11 7:14 PM 9 days ago
    Me: (3)Again,big thx4volunteering 2help lead(OCAndroid Hack Night­ )-fun&easy job but still important;after holiday,wanted2get u started. 5:50 PM
    Anoush Agahi: .. For leading, I would like to be there every Wed, but I have class at 8:00. I can not miss all the classes. I come, but leave early. 6:20 PM
    Me: -just showing up to SOME Hack Nights, even for a part, wd be perfect. The work in this job is online syncing the group lists&mailings. 6:22 PM
    Anoush Agahi: How long does those tasks usually take? 6:24 PM
    Anoush Agahi: I can spend half an hour after work. Does it work? Nd maybe my lunch time for another half an hour. 6:27 PM
    After startup, the task of this job takes about 1/2hr per week, and can be done at most any time.
A former member
Post #: 380
(LV4ZBA=updating listing 2+

  • (LV4ZCH=started at (quote=(LT2MOD last mod=2011.11.16(Wed)pst1753)(LT2VER versi­on=1.0) ))
  • (LV4ZDO=updated to this text

    (LTO5IC=(1: 2011.11.16(Wed)­) Source email announcement; took place with Beg-to-Int Dev Meetup per this result post.)
    (LTO5NX=(2: 2011.11.23(Wed)­ HAPPENING THIS WEEK due to Thanksgiving Holiday, per LV3W7J of last Hack Night post. RSVP for upcoming weeks & have a Happy Thanksgiving.)
  • (LV4ZFA=added/updated-to this text

    (LTNLD1 Leader #1=(LV4YIZ=OCAndroid incoming-leader Anoush of Irvine; joined 2011.11.02; Hack Night Ldr #1 --per LV3UXM of 1st Hack Night post.))(LTNLD2 Leader #2=(LTO6MF=OCAndroid incoming-leader Sanjeev of Corona; joined 20100326;2nd ldr for 2 tracks --per 16th Gen Mtg post.))
    --note for Sanjeev, the only thing new is the reference.)
  • (LV4ZJ4=updated occurrence links & added to 5th occurrence.)
  • (LV50U1=Updated title
    (fr=SoCalAndroid Hack Night's OCAndroid listing)
    (to=SoCalAndroid Hack Night's OCAndroid listing 2+))
  • (Updated to this (quote=(LT2MOD last mod=2011.11.23(Thu)pst1559)(LT2VER versi­on=1.2)))
  • (LV52DS=Saved a copy of the listing then canceled this day sending out email to those who RSVP Yes.)
A former member
Post #: 2
(By Sanjeev, an incoming Event Host for Hack Nights and Beg-to-Int Developers)
Great meeting­! I took attendance and gave out name tags as people arrived. Here is:

Attendance in the order people sat, from front to last row, then from left-to-right facing front, after sorted by skill
A former member
Post #: 388
(LVRHY2=The meeting went well. Some of the key happenings:

    (LVRI9J=Jefferey brought 1 pizza (all the food) which sufficed.)
  • (LVRHYT=6 attended & Sanjeev learned how to record & took attendance; see prior post)
  • (LVRI47=I helped Sanjeev with a simple PHP programming problem.)
  • (LVRI61=I did admin most of the meeting; everyone else did coding. So reasonable work done.)
  • (LVRHZC=I had to cover Anoush's bad behavior with Sanjeev: this post point LVRE72)
  • (LVRI6R=Jefferey brought up his Beg-to-Int training conflict wondering)
  • (LVT2RL=Jefferey announced there would be no SoCalAndroid Hack Night (next week=Dec 7th). This follows per the standard exception LTO4GA.)

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