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BYOD SimulSquad™(Co-Work/Learn&S­ocial on Your Topics) of US.92654(Laguna Hills)
—[masked] meeting • Kindly make sure an event host knows your cell # and what {hour range: arrive & leave time} to expect you. For whatever hours you would enjoy, RSVP & join! • We've been running tech SimulSquads™ 2 to 5 times every month since 2014. • This is advertised on a wide-variety of groups plus flyers and word-of-mouth, so often there are more people joining us than RSVPed YES on this one re-listing; but attendance is limited and sometimes selective, as a successful meeting has just 2 to 10 people, mostly regulars, who really get to know & love each other ...becoming your band of local tech buds! • We're here for you currently every Monday’ a nearby affordable quality friendly restaurant —usually the same venue but can change so stay tuned. • Per our BYOD SimulSquad™ name, ‘We work together in squads of 1 or more on your topics & courses & projects: on anything’, including any topic, ’do-able on’ BYOD (portable electronics of all sorts (laptops, smartphones, tablets, hotspots, keyboards, cameras, mics, meters, soldering, and of course big video & sound!) plus yes sometimes even books, pen, & paper!) ‘—training, coding, designing, biz/org-starting, research, homework, study group, office hours, writing,’ website building & maintaining, computer admin, accounting & bill paying, presentations, ’campaigning, hackathon, gaming’, even electronics building & repair! • ‘We also do great flipped-classroom co-training (self-paced & all-levels & level-sorted) on topics Node.js, Python, Android, even Bernie-calling, ...any topic with online-tutorials we readily do!’ • To ensure event hosts will be there for you, again ‘make sure an event host knows your cell # and what {hour range: arrive & leave time} to expect you.’ While one could RSVP & join for even just a few minutes, attendees generally participate from 3 to 9 hours so they can get in a good amount of great work, eating, play! • Chapter website: . --event re-listing

a fun well-rated cowork-friendly affordable(Yelp ‘$’) restaurant under 10min-drive of 92654 TBA to all RSVPed YES/MAYBE :OV09UQ

24001 Calle De La Magdalena · Laguna Hills, CA


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last modified 2014.09.24Wed17:06. ( Meetup, so including this our group site, is best accessed from a laptop/desktop -see footnote. ( Coming soon: Meetup's big announcement of this our group (footnote details). ( Join Now (! (

GRAND OPENING ( of OCJavaScript (! --Orange County's very own JavaScript Community Group --with no other group like it for general JavaScript in the OC. (

• So we're for all OC (,_California) JS (
coders/programmers ( & developers ( (software ( & web ( (, mobile ( ( (, present & future. (

• Why choose JavaScript(JS) ( It's the one programming language ( which runs everywhere: in most every web browser ( and now most everywhere else; and it's shockingly powerful, too! (

• We're brand new, and projected to have lot of growth over the next 12 months (especially as your central hub for OC's already 8+ speciality-JavaScript groups!), so sign up now ( to get notified. ( Also your reviews & comments & fixes about this group design & website, including the signup process, we would very much appreciate & need: ASAP, please post in our website forum ( else, for repost here if possible, Meetup-message group top leadership ( ( our profile Qs and Welcome message could use readability improvements, so we're working on that immediately; still the logic & message is solid, so still please complete them, thanks! ( (
• Events include Main Meetings every month, Intro/Training & Co-working/Hacking every other week on both closed ( & open-source ( projects, plus specialized Joint-group events & Conferences. -If it's JS community in the OC, you'll find it here! ( ( (
• Topics include primarily JavaScript: (1) intros & training and (2) news & comparisons & reviews of tools & extensions & companion-technologies (as libraries ( (as Backbone.js, Bootstrap (, Underscore.js, & many more) & even frameworks ( (jQuery ( and many more, plus Internet Rich Internet Application frameworks ( (as Angular (, Flex (, Titanium (, Ember.js, and many more, plus Mobile ( (as Cordova/Phonegap ( and Sencha Touch (, & many, many more!), server-side execution ( (as Node.js & others), editors ( & online IDEs (, build tools ( (including to assemble code both on server (as Grunt/Gulp/Bruch ( & many more) and on browser (as Browserify & Ender & RequireJS & more (, code conversion ( including compilation ( (as from JS-enhancements (CoffeeScript (, DART (, etc) and from even totally different programming langauges ( + compaction ( + obfuscation (, code hosting (as GitHub ( & -revision control ( (as Git (, templating (, stylesheet languages (as Less (, Sass (, Stylus ( and CSS ( ( integration, latest variations (as DART ( & Harmony/6 (, and more) --Learn & share & keep-up-with the latest hot JS stuff! ( (
• Founded by me DestinyArchitect (, who, for many years now, am a big JS lover&coder (my primary programming language!), but for ~5years now, I found no general-JS group in my county OC. So in 2011 I starting planning & preparing-to-found OCJavaScript; but only now got the time to do it, as since the year before 2010, I've been & am also a leading Orange County tech group leader & coordinator, overseeing ( & bringing together 12+ & increasing local tech groups ( --has taught me a lot about doing this, which hopefully you'll spot in this group website :-); plus I'm a former US military reserves officer&NCO&combat-vet for 8 years, which also taught me a ton on leading groups, especially leading with Army value ( Integrity; and I'm a MIT CS grad (BS+MS work+research intership+patent. And, um, handy here! Indeed JavaScript is based on what I learned&taught&did-my-bachelors-thesis-in, functional programming languages ( especially MIT's Scheme (! :-). (
• In both admin and our topic, we're looking for presentations/presenters and helpers & leaders and even venues, including welcoming them from OC's many fine specialized-JavaScript & tech groups, simply offer or request in our forum(s) ( matching. (
• We're run with integrity (basic group rules ( plus fun! (

• (1) To contact & talk with us (members&leaders), avoid private messaging (as email,SMS,call,& Meetup messages) and instead properly-post whereever practical: in our event listings' matching comment thread (create it if none, making the 1st line THE TOPIC IN CAPS, as "WHEN --please put all on that here in this thread"), else in our matching discusion forums -- we've many: jobs, volunteering, venues, JavaScript-talk, this website, & more ( --be sure to Meetup-subscribe to be alerted of posts & replies. ( This vastly makes our groupsite come alive & sharing, notably attracting more participants; ( and it avoids leader monopolies and allows multiple-indeed-many helpers to sync, enabling everyone to be a participant, so generating a collective intelligence ( (plus friends & fun!); ( and another big reason... (

• (2) Unlike many or most community groups where many member & most leader dicussions are in private email&talk&calls which no one else ever sees & hears (so tons of needless reinventing-the-wheel, neglecting, backstabbing, and worse), in what I see as the true spirit of a public & public-serving community group, I aim all our operations, including talk by even admin & management, to be: (1) open-source (as open-sourced talk including open-source government ( say 95%, what I term(coin) as an "open-sourced group". and (2) documented especially written as much as possible, especially ideally every significant event&group&job-title/membership change is clearly archived telling "who did what to whom/what how & when & why", which by "(1) open-source" is then also public record nearly always. ( --So (1) & (2) combined then: best insure right is done, plus insure maximum helpers&leaders&participation&sharing&collaboration&learning, between our own members & even with other groups. (
• (3) Like Burning Man ( (which also ton of fun & inspiring & enlightening), "There are no spectators here, only participants" --well, as much as we can pull off : ( (
• JOIN US! ( Then, for your specialized-JavaScript interests, join 0 or more of Orange County's 8+ specialty-JavaScript groups: {server-side ( NodeJS (, Apache Sling (,MongoDB (}, {client-side ( (, EmberJS (, Cordova/Phonegap (, Sencha Touch & ExtJS (, Google (Angular, Dart, Chrome, AppScript, & more) (}. (

More exicting details as you join the group and it grows. (
• Aside: What are the 6-digit alphanumeric codes that you will occassionally on this site? --as “NBTY69” at the end of this point. As part of a new machine-understanding writing system I'm developing, they're short IDs to date-stamp, uniquely-reference, & portably-track most any point or item ( --very useful for versioning & watermarking & tracking text including telling who-wrote-what-when, plus cross-referencing. And here especially on the "About us" and event listings, they are mostly 100% hidden (they're all over this page --can you find them? :-); but due to the limits of Meetup, sometimes it's very painful to hide them (as on the Discussion Boards posts) and sometimes simply impossible (as on pure-ASCII text fields), so this explanation :-) =NBTY69

• Footnote:, so this group site, is best accessed via a desktop web browser, as unfortunately some or all mobile phones & tablets have serious drawbacks using Meetup, including {all hyperlinks are stripped, so missing, from text for at least group descriptions (so including this one) --but at least on our site there are many & important)}, {Join/update-profile loses all your input when you try to edit it}, {every link to a location/anchor somewhere within web page just goes to top of the page}, and {likely more bugs}.
• ( Footnote "Coming soon: Meetup's big announcement of this our group": ( Per Meetup's non-user-changable settings for every new group, Meetup auto-announced this group 3 days after it was created. ( As is readily the case for new Meetup groups, this was not enough time to get everything ready for the group. ( Worst, per recent new non-user-settable Meetup defaults, default "new group listen radius" for new, and perhaps existing, Meetup users is a mere 5 miles (most OC residents drive up to 25 miles for a Meetup, the radius of the county), when it used to be indeed about 25miles for apparently all many years before, so only 1/25th the annoucement area, and while that may be maybe-ok for extremely-dense most-peple-dont-own-cars areas as NYC (where MeetupHQ is), it's terrible fro spauling often public-transitless suburbs as OC. ( And indeed from this Meetup squeek-announcement, instead of getting say ~100 starter members (say given our topic which is so popular where everyone even non-programmers knows the JavaScript name), instead we got ~10! ( For these reasons, we will soon request Meetup do a proper announcement of us and all Meetup groups who were similarly short-changed. (

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