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We are a social networking group that was established in 2002. We have a monthly dinner event at 7pm, as well as additional gatherings each month.

Prior to requesting to join, please read the Membership Rules below or on the "Pages (http://www.meetup.com/OCPagan/about)" tab.

If you choose to join our group, please answer all the questions asked in the profile section.

Empty profile submissions will be declined.

Soliciting or proselytizing on the behalf of business, political, or religious groups and/or personal interests without express, formal permission from the Orange County Pagan, Witches & Heathens Meetup Organizer (MistressPrime) is not acceptable.

Disruptive or disorderly conduct is grounds for immediate dismissal from the group.

The use of photographic or video/audio recording devices of any kind is strictly prohibited without prior express permission from the Orange County Pagan, Witches, & Heathens Meetup Organizer (MistressPrime) and participants.

RULES FOR MEMBERSHIP: Make sure to thoroughly read this prior to applying for membership.

1. All members are expected to RSVP with a Yes or No to each of the monthly Meetup events. These are the events once a month at 7pm. Locations can vary.

2. Participation is required. All members are required to attend a monthly Meetup at least once every 6 months.

3. If a member is unable to comply to monthly Meetup attendance requirements due to school or work, they will need to contact MistressPrime privately to discuss their options.

4. Members will ensure that their RSVP is current by checking the event listing. If you are currently a No, but are able to attend, please change your RSVP to Yes. If you are a Yes, but are not able to attend, please change your RSVP to a No. These changes should occur by 1 hour before the Meetup if possible.

5. If you are listed as a YES, but discover you are unable to attend at the last minute (less than 1 hour prior to Meetup), please drop me a private email (up to 24 hours after the Meetup) to ensure you are not listed as a No Show. Members are allowed a maximum of 3 No Shows before being removed for no attendance.

However, if you are listed as a No or have not RSVPed at all and show up, we may have you sing a song, or do a dance, or a card trick, or quiz you on your geek knowledge, or have a staring contest or... I think you get the point. Please remember to RSVP.

6. All suggestions for events should be sent to MistressPrime directly.

EMAIL MISTRESSPRIME HERE (http://www.meetup.com/OCPagan/suggestion/)

7. All members must read the Message Board Rules post prior to making any message board posts.

8. Members are prohibited from posting personal contact info in their profiles, message board, or in RSVP/comments for event listings. For direct contact with specific members please use the email option provided by Meetup.com.

9. For the safety of all, members will not post or promote the location of the Meetup event on any comment, RSVP comment, or any other website. Instead, we ask that you promote the event and direct people to our main Meetup group website rather than the even listing as it will not be viewable to non-members.

10. All members will be respectful to this group, the members, and it's rules of conduct.

11. If indeed you have read all these rules and agree to abide by them, please reply with a "Yes I have. Yes I will. [TODAY'S DATE]" - (EXAMPLE: Yes I have. Yes I will. May 13, 2012) on your profile where it asks if you have read and agree to uphold our membership rules.

Should a member fail to meet these requirements they will be removed from this group.

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