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Tony's Sunday $2-2 NLH w/ Pineapple & PLO

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Needs a location


The game will be starting @4pm & I like to start on time so if you're running late or not able to come please txt me asap @[masked] so players can be adjusted to keep the table full, thank you..

$2-2 NL Hold'em Cash, 4pm-4am except below.

$2-2 NL Pineapple @5pm (1 orbit).

$2-2 Pot Limit Omaha @6pm (1 orbit).

$100 min - $500 max for 1st Buy-n. Max Re-buy: equal to your personal table losses. No minimum Re-buy & if your winning your expected to play until 9pm.


Cards must be turned over if all players are ALL IN. Dealer will proceed after the cards are revealed by players.

Pineapple (3 cards dealt) - players must at least one cars after the flop. Any player holding 3 cards when the turn is revealed will immediately have their hand declared dead. If a player has 3 cards in hand after turn- any betting made by player will remain in the pot. Play will continue with remaining players.

Pot Limit Omaha (4 cards dealt) - $2/2 blinds. Players must use 2 hole cards to make a hand. No discarding, betting mirrors NLH. Courtesy ruls - refrain from announcing your hand or possibilities when several players are in a hand. The table players are responsible for policing themselves.

Straddle rule - $4-$10 UTG position then double each following seat. $4-$10 on the button which takes precedence over all other straddles.

The address will not be posted on the site so regular players please txt Tony @[masked] for the location. Food & drinks will be provided & served by my *NEW* hostess *JAZZ* (in the pictures below) so come hungry, thank you & hope to see you Sunday..