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We are a registered chapter of the Red Hat Society and we welcome both Red & Pink Hatters. We meet for lunch about once a month and we also enjoy going to Red Hat events with other chapters and special events. We are a diverse group of ladies who enjoy many hobbies that we incorporate into our red hatting, such as papercrafts, stamping, sewing, hatmaking, jewelry making, movies, live theatre, concerts, festivals and more!

BEFORE YOU SUBMIT YOUR REQUEST TO JOIN, please make sure that your main Meetup profile includes a picture of you (not a pet or landscape). A picture of you in a red, purple or pink hat would be great! All members are required to maintain their supporting membership with the International Red Hat Society. If you're not a member yet, you've come to the right place - you can join through this page!


• Click on "Join".

• Complete all of the questions. This info is required in order to approve your membership and establish your supporting member account with the Red Hat Society. If there is some info you would rather not provide online, you may send the Queen an email providing all the info.

• Submit your online payment for International and chapter dues or mail a check made payable to the chapter Queen.

After your application has been processed and approved, you will receive email notification from Meetup and a separate email from RHS Hatquarters. The email from RHS will include your temporary password to login to their exclusive members only site. The Queen does not have access to passwords, so be sure to watch for the email. You will also receive a new membership kit in the mail from RHS. If you're paying dues or renewing in person or by mail, please download the registration form to send with your payment.

Membership Dues:

Your membership dues include Red Hat Society dues of $20 and chapter dues of $5 per year for a total of $25 per year. Chapter dues are used to offset expenses associated with Meetup (use of the website) and chapter operating expenses, such as membership brochures to increase our membership, charter registration, door prizes, etc. Your membership to our chapter gives you access to our calendar and info on all Red Hat events in our state, plus a few out of state, for a full year. Your official membership in the Red Hat Society gives you full Members Only access to their website and all of the benefits that go along with it.

Members who have not paid or renewed their dues will be required to pay dues in order to RSVP to an event. If a member has not made arrangements with the Queen in a reasonable amount of time, she may be removed from the chapter without further notice. Members can split the dues into two payments if you wish as long as the full amount is paid by the renewal date. This type of payment arrangement is only available through the Queen and NOT RHS. Meetup DOES send you automatic reminders about your dues to help you remember to pay them; however, I have no control over the content or frequency of these emails.

RHS is currently updating their website to include social networking features similar to Facebook which will enable members to engage with one another online through their site. We are very excited about this new feature & look forward to it's implementation!


Let's show our colors! Red hat & purple clothes if over 50, pink hat & lavender clothes if under 50, and you may reverse colors in your birth month. Preferably no blue jeans except at specified events, such as Western theme. Red or purple jeans are fine for casual events. Members must wear a hat or fascinator. The outfit should be predominantly RHS colors. Solid colors make for the best group photos. If you're new to Red Hatting and are having trouble finding something purple to wear, you can wear red clothing with your red hat until you find something in purple. Same thing goes if you're a Pink Hatter. We don't want lack of clothing in RHS colors to prevent anyone from being able to attend, but we do expect members to be able to find the appropriate colors when they're no longer a newbie. Our colors are what set us apart from everyone else & make us instantly recognizable as member of the Red Hat Society.

Many Red Hat events are themed which gives us a chance to show our creativity by wearing costumes that we put together ourselves. Themes often seen at Red Hat parties are 1950's sock hop, 1920's Flapper, Western, Victorian, Pirate, Steampunk, Hollywood Glamour, Derby Day, Denim & Diamonds (rhinestones), Witch Hat (Halloween) and more. You don't have to buy a costume. You can easily put one together with clothes you already have or clothing purchased online or from local retailers, and even thrift shops & vintage stores. Themed costumes are NOT a requirement for attending an event. They are strictly optional, but add to the fun of Red Hatting. Your regular RHS regalia is always in style at any event.


We have a regular luncheon about once a month, usually on the third Saturday of the month. In the months that have a special event, that event will usually take the place of our regular gathering. Events will be posted to the calendar in advance giving members adequate time to plan on attending. Please RSVP promptly, especially on prepaid events, and be mindful of your RSVPs, changing them ASAP if you are unable to attend. It is only common courtesy to let the Queen know if you cannot attend. You can change your RSVP by simply clicking the button & selecting "No" on events you will not be attending. It is not necessary to provide an explanation every time you RSVP "No".

All of our regular gatherings & local events will have the city shown in the subject line. Out of state events will have the state included in the subject line making it easy for members to tell at a glance the general location of activities.

Prepaid Events:

Prepaid events require payment with registration/RSVP. Some events will require you to send your payment and registration directly to the chapter hosting the event. If an event requires the Queen to send in one registration for the entire chapter, then you can use the payment button associated with the event to send your timely online payment to the Queen. You will not be registered for the event until the Queen receives your payment. Some events may also allow you to mail a check to the Queen or directly to the chapter hosting the event (follow the instructions in each event description). Please observe registration deadlines on events. Prepaid events sponsored by other chapters require you to be a supporting member of the Red Hat Society before you RSVP. Please do not show up to another chapter's event without paying your International dues first. Your Queen (Organizer) can assist you with your membership application.

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