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Lightning Talks

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Amanda H. and 3 others


• Mapbox GL JS/Node/OpenStreetMap (10 min) by Brian Sheldon (

• Creating a Docker Image for your NodeJS app in 10 minutes (10 min) by Jonathan Yarbor (

• Intro to WebGL/Shaders (10 min) by Benjamin VanTreese (

• WebVR with A-Frame (10 min) by Benji Kay (


Q: What are Lightning Talks?
A: The Lightning Talk meetings include lots of interesting *JavaScript* related topics in a 5 or 10 minute format. Lightning talks are scheduled for every three months, so please be sure to sign up in our okcjs discussion board if you'd like to participate next time.

Q: How can I sign up to give a Lightning Talk?
A: We post a sign up thread on the meetup discussions page. Post your talk title, what you're covering, and if it is a 5 or 10 minute long presentation. We will let you know if you're selected. We give preference to new speakers to strengthen our community.

Q: What topics can I cover?
A: Common topics include: libraries, ways you've solved problems, what you're working on, or anything relating to JS. To participate: post your topic and presentation length. Please note that marketing pitches are not allowed; lightning talks are a community enrichment event.
1141 W Sheridan Ave · Oklahoma City, OK
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