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Double Javascript II : The Revenge

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Jesse H. and Vance L.


Double Javascript II : The Revenge

We're getting back to our roots with this meetup: It's a double-header feature Jesse Harlin and Vance Lucas as the Javascript Dragon Warriors.

ES6 Templating and Echotag

Right now you're probably underusing the raw dragon-power of es6 templates. Thankfully Vance has written a library that can bring your karate to the next level.

Apollo and GraphQL

You've heard of them, but what are they? Are they mysterious ninja assassins waiting to change how you handle data in your app? Maybe, we can't answer that because its an ancient secret.

What we can do is show you the roles of what Graph QL IS what it DOES and how to get some Graph Ql of your own. Then learn how to uppercut your next web app with some of the amazing pieces of technology that have built up around Graph Ql.
1141 W Sheridan Ave · Oklahoma City, OK
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