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As entrepreneurs, one of the challenges we face is that of working alone. Join a group of like-minded professionals to network, share contacts and contractors, collaborate on projects, or get feedback on business ideas, creative projects, or other initiatives.

Freelancers, entrepreneurs, small business, side-hustlers, all our welcome. Our vision is for Kelowna to become the best community in Canada for entrepreneurs to do business.

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We are seeing tremendous growth in our membership and we can help you host a great event for free. Space, extensive marketing, and other help is provided. If there is an event you'd like to see in the Okanagan, please contact us!

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Reimagining Trep Café

Needs a location

Emerging from a challenging two years, we are reimagining Trep Cafe to align effectively with community needs — in order to bond relationships, build new capabilities, and spring towards exciting possibilities.

Over the past few months we've had discussions, interviews, and reviewed data. We are now proposing a redesigned structure to better fit the needs of members. This includes growth milestones and objectives that follow the ‘entrepreneurial journey’, from an early stage to maturity.

We are building on 6 themes that emerged from group brainstorming:

  1. Attracting new people to the group
  2. Creating references and resources available to member
  3. Focussing the sessions
  4. Accountability on goals and improving discipline and habits
  5. Inclusive and social environment to build relationships
  6. Stimulate learning and creativity through a variety of topics and themes

For this session, we will be creating a set of objectives, actions and a go-forward plan for Trep Cafe, starting June 2022.

You should attend if:

  • You love to meet new new people who are living creatively and authentically in an entrepreneurial path
  • You are a self-disciplined learner always adding new tools to your toolbelt
  • You align your goals with actions that build your discipline and habits
  • You seek out community spaces that provide inclusive social environments to build relationships
  • You favour diversity of thinking and learn from a variety of sources that stimulate learning and creativity
  • Your business/organizational activities are expressed through purpose, vision and mission

We need your help. The purpose of this transformation of Trep Cafe is to help facilitate a high trust environment for creatives and entrepreneurs to build rich relationships, develop skills and capacity, and grow their businesses and themselves.

If you have questions, please comment below or contact the event host Shane Austin.


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Reimagining Trep Café

Needs a location

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