What we're about

Thank you for coming to Kyoto all the way from your country.

We'd like you to enjoy Kyoto a lot.

We're a study group. Our name is “OKINI”. We want to help foreign visitors to Kyoto.

OKINI was named by combining two Japanese words; "okiniiri", meaning my favorite and "ookini", thank you. So our name shows our appreciation for your coming to Kyoto and our hope you'll like Kyoto all the more and we'd like to tell you about our favorite things in Kyoto.

Please tell us what you’d like to do in Kyoto at night.

Since you've come to Kyoto all the way from your county, let us help you realize your wish.

We'll try hard to find out what you're looking for in Kyoto and make it happen.

Our English is not good, but we can get by in English. We strongly hope you'll get to know what Kyoto is like and what its people enjoy doing.

For example:

You'd like to eat the same foods local people enjoy every day.

You'd like to stay overnight in a temple.

You'd like to see a pantomime.

You'd like to visit a shrine and meet a ghost at night.

You'd like to see the works of young artists.

You'd like to drink different brands of sake.

If those activities interest you, let’s do them. However there might be something we can't do. We choose one of your ideas and plan an event to fulfill your wish. If you have an event idea, please tell us.

We hope other people whose ideas haven't been chosen will participate in our events anyway.

*We're not doing this project in order to improve our English.

We'd like to collect information about what foreign visitors (and foreign residents) want to do here in Kyoto, what difficulties you find in Kyoto or what you expect to enjoy in Kyoto. We'd like to use this information to develop Kyoto's tourism in a way foreign visitors really enjoy Kyoto and Japan.

*The participation fee is for free, but you should pay all the costs involved, such as admission fee, drinks or meals.

Past events (12)

Cherry bloosom party at Kyoto!

Maruyama Park

Foreign Student’s summit II -Umeda MAG

Herbis Osaka 5F Meeting Rooms oNo.8 to No.10

Traditional Culture Summit II [Yukata&Kimono] vol2 Umeda MAG Summit

Herbis Osaka 5F Meeting Rooms oNo.8 to No.10

Cherry bloosom walking around Nijojo, famous castle in Kyoto.

In front of the gate (on Horikawa street)

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