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Orgasmic Meditation Sydney is a community of people moved by a deeper desire to connect, live at our full potential and create lives that are guided by desire that inspire ourself and others.

We teach the practice and then offer access to free community run events to help people to stay connected with like minded people.


OM, the signature practice that we teach is a partnered consciousness practice and is an experience of “being in the zone”, as consuming as any extreme sport or start up venture! At their core, we believe orgasm and flow states are very close to the same thing. They are both an awakening and ignition of the involuntary in the body - an absorption in the present moment so complete that the mind comes to rest and something else, something intuitive, can take over.

To experience this state of flow we need nothing extra, no gadgets, nothing other than one centered attention in each and every here and now moment.

OM is a practice embracing and utilising the sexual energy we all possess. We teach people how to acknowledge the energy flowing through us, and then channel it into all areas of their lives. The result is people's sex life improves, food tastes better, and people's connection to themselves and others deepen.

OM is a fifteen minute practice that cultivates more sensation in the body, greater turn on, and deeper connection.

To watch a You Tube Clip on the Practice on Deepak Chopra TV click here:

Article in Elle Magazine here:

You can find out more about us at (

Contact Prem for any questions, or just for a chat! #0404 832 141 or go to the website contact us page to send an email.

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