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OMH Exists to Make you Feel Better…

Modern life is full of pressures…hustle and bustle, stressors, insistence and urgency.
In a world where people struggle to find time for themselves, we promote wellness and balance through focused therapies, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness and one off workshops and classes focussed around well-being. Everything we offer & deliver is designed to maximise those precious moments of ‘me time’ we do manage to carve out for ourselves.

It is only by taking moments for ourselves, by creating time to be at peace, to relax and to recover – that we can be truly be in touch with ourselves, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The growing OMH Community of therapists and teachers are here to serve you, offering unconditional love, care, compassion and respect in our work with you and all those that meet up here in our tranquil space.

Please hang your Ego up as you enter, as it will not be needed once inside. When you leave we may not have fixed all your ills but the world outside will feel just that little more special with you in it.

Upcoming events (5+)

Gyrokinesis Class with Rhona MacLean

OMH Therapies

Gyrokinesis Class with Rhona MacLean Contact Rhona: [masked][masked]

Vinyassa Flow with Kat Aydin

OMH Therapies

This class is based on the connection, breathing and movement, practised in a fun and creative way. This class is suitable for those who already had some yoga experience. PRICE: £12 drop in, £50 block of 5 classes valid for 6 weeks BOOKINGS: E: [masked] (spaces are limited so booking is essential) W: www.karmayogaedinburgh.com

Wednesday Hatha Yoga with Louise Nimmo

OMH Therapies

Wash away your worries, explore your body-mind connection and bring a smile to your heart. In this weekly yoga class we gently warm the body with flowing movement and practise poses that cultivate balance, strength and flexibility. Following this, we allow our body and mind to completely let go and relax. A perfect mid-week remedy to let go of stress, improve posture and feel energised. Contact Louise at [masked] Website: https://nimmoyoga.wordpress.com

Tibetian Singing Bowls & Meditation with Giovanna Castaldo

Singing bowls are played by striking the rim of the bowl with a padded mallet, they produce a unique sound and also physical vibration that can be felt. The basic theory is that these vibrations restore any out of harmony parts of our body and thus restoring our health. The vibrations from the bowl move in to the deeper parts of our brain called alpha and theta brain waves which supposedly have deep mutational and calm states of mind and intuition. These waves when synchronise with the sound waves from the bowl helps a human recover from any inner disturbances and disharmony. When the sound waves or vibrations are placed directly on our body, it flows through our almost all part of the body including our blood, our tissues, our cellular memory and water of our body. The wave also impacts on our nervous system in a way so that our mind is engaged in relaxation reflex and inhibits any pain or stress. This sound is supposed to reduce our brain activity and thus slowing down our respiration and heart rate, a perfect condition to release the blocked energy from the body and bring our body back to right alignment.

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