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Let’s meet to ask questions and get some insight about the way the opposite sex thinks. You may be surprised to learn something helpful that may increase your chance to improve your relationship or attract it. Bring your questions about dating, relationship, sex and, body image, romance and much more to the table and learn how men and women speak the language of love.
You can ask questions such as:
How has your ideal of the 'perfect' man/woman changed since your current or last relationship?
Is there anything girls/guys do that makes you automatically interested in them?
Why are men afraid of commitment?
Although it is not a dating group it is giving you an opportunity to start an honest communication even before you meet the person that sparks your interest. Often the fun conversations held in the meetings bring people closer together and setting up the atmosphere for an easy socializing experience. For couples, this is a great opportunity to improve relationship simply by getting insight from other people in the group. Overall it is a social group that creates the space to communicate and has fun socializing.

How does it work?
Each participant will write a question for the opposite gander about: dating issues, relationship situation, romance, body image, sex or other. We put all the anonymous questions inside a bag and go around the table to share, listen and laugh. Occasionally we will meet for movie, a hike or do something else, nevertheless, our focus is communication.

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Thank you for all of you for being so attentive to help out and make it successful event. Special thank you for Lani that opened her space for us, it is a beautiful place. I also want to thank Pam for helping a whole lot with everything. I am so lucky to have met you when I started this group. for those who could not I made last night, I made a personal announcement that I will be leaving the country permanently on September 10, and I will no longer create a new event. However, I would like to see the group continue to grow and being active. It is not too hard to facilitate it, and it doesn't require sources just leadership ability, and good intention to make it happen. I want to open the leadership position it to all the members that wish to take over. I am happy to guide you and I also mentioned to the group that people can share ideas about places to host the next event so it continue to grow. I am personally sad to leave the group and I certainly will miss you. If you feel called, I would love to have a short testimonial through PM, it is valuable to me. I has been a pleasure to getting to know you and be part of your journey for a little while. You inspired me to continue on whenever I go. I am so grateful for the honest conversations, I certainly learned a lot from you. I am going back to Israel, to my homeland, after 20 years in the states. I am nervous and excited, happy and sad. From my journey I learned that being courages is the key for happiness and I wish to leave this word of wisdom with you. Last, I have a personal request, As you might know I am author of a book called Walking in the footsteps of the Masters, which is a spiritual journey of seeking truth inspired by the journey of the spiritual masters: Muhammad, Buddha, Jesus and Moses. It is inner journey that helps you to reflect on your own life and understanding your own life purpose. I have a lot of copies that I want to sale so I will carry less wight in my flight to Israel. It is $25 including shipping. It would be great if you help me to do so. It also gives you a chance to hold into my spirit, knowing that I am with you. Blessings. Ronit Gabay

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