Neighbourhood Watched: How Police surveillance undermines digital privacy

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From facial recognition to social media monitoring, from remote hacking to the use of mobile surveillance equipment called 'IMSI catchers', UK police forces are using an ever-expanding array of surveillance tools to spy on us as we go about our everyday lives. Too often, these new and intrusive spying technologies are rolled out without the say, or even the knowledge, of the public or their locally elected representatives.

The use of police surveillance technologies can threaten our privacy and may cause us to change who we associate with and what we feel we can do and say. These technologies can also be used to target, profile and discriminate against certain communities - including minority, low-income and politically active communities.

Join us in London to hear about Privacy International & Liberty's campaign for the public to have a greater say as to whether their local police force should be allowed to use such highly intrusive technologies.


Camilla Graham Wood - Privacy International Legal Officer

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