Threats to your children's confidentiality: National Pupil Database and census

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As schools begin videoing pupils ( do you know how your children's data in school is handled?
School records for every named pupil aged 2-19, are uploaded to a national pupil database (NPD) at the Department for Education (DfE) every term, from where it is shared with companies and organisations including journalists, for a range of purposes none of which are to do with your child’s schooling. In September 2016, the DfE started to collect nationality data with the intention of sharing it with the Home Office Immigration Enforcement, Removals Casework team.

Together with the support of over 20 organisations, including Open Rights Group, we stopped this immediate threat in a first campaign success, and the new data will now be stored in a separate database and unlike the rest of the NPD, the data will not be released to commercial businesses and journalists. The government has u-turned on the data collection for 2-5 year olds from nurseries and pre-schools. Information about the monthly use of this data for these purposes has been put into the public domain.

But much remains to be done. What’s next? Find out how all this data from schools, as well as new laws on student data, and all other administrative datasets, might be affected by the Digital Economy Bill. Come along to find out more and what you can do to get involved to #BoycottSchoolCensus and refuse, retract and resist this data collection.

Presented by Jen Persson, Coordinator of defendDigitalMe

If you prefer to email me to confirm your place, please email manchester -at sign- openrightsgroup -dot- org