• How to lead a heatlthy digital lifestyle

    The Stage Norwich

    Are you the kind of person who uses Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat,Email or web browsers on their mobile phone? If so then this talk is for you! We will be talking about the various ways in which companies harvest our data for the personal needs and how to combat them is a safe and privacy respecting way. Each talk will be about 5-10 minutes long and at the end you can ask questions about how to further protect your privacy. The event is free and anyone is welcome to come. All you need is your mobile phone and a passion to protect your privacy! If you like you can also become an ORG Norwich member by turning up to one of our meetings which we hold every 2-3 week of the month.

  • Healthy Digital Lifestyle plan meeting


    We will be planning a family and friends event which will be held on March 16th at 7pm. The event will consist of ways to protect your Privacy while at the same time benefiting from the applications that we use in our daily lives.

  • 21st Century Digital Censorship: an Overview

    Join us on Tuesday 12 February at 6.45 pm (note date and start time) for a presentation on Existing Forms of UK Censorship by ORG Campaigns Manager Mike Morel. We’ll review ORG’s new Report on UK Internet Regulation https://www.openrightsgroup.org/about/reports/uk-internet-regulation which details formal and informal web blocking practices (AKA censorship) in the UK, as well as other threats to digital free expression on the horizon. We’ll also review ORG’s activities on Age Verification Technology, Brexit and digital rights and the status of ORG’s legal challenge to the Data Protection Act. ‘Healthy Digital Lifestyle’ training in March for friends/family members/colleagues After Mike’s presentation and the review of AV, etc, we’ll be planning for this training, using Charles’ notes from our last meeting as a basis for discussion https://www.openrightsgroup.org/assets/files/pdfs/ORG_Mini_Crypto_Party_Notes.pdf The meeting will be at Neontribe, 21 Colegate, Norwich NR3 1BN (corner entrance, press buzzer). Looking forward to seeing you on 12 February – it’s a FREE event to which all are welcome. You may want to bring your laptop, tablet, etc.

  • Crypto Party Planning for family and friends

    Happy New Year! Our January Meeting will be at 7 pm on Monday 14 January at Neontribe, 21 Colegate, Norwich NR3 1BN. We’ll be discussing how to hold a digital security training session for friends and family members – a “Crypto Tea Party” perhaps? Other topics for discussion are likely to include: the latest developments in the EU Parliamentary saga of Article 13 of the Copyright Directive; and briefings from ORG nationally on the impact of Brexit on our digital rights. This notice is also being posted on Meetup and the Open Tech Calendar. ADVANCE NOTICE: at our February Meeting either Jim Killock, the National Director of ORG, or Mike Morel, the national Campaigns Officer, will be giving a presentation on ORG’s new Report on UK Internet Regulation. (Part I – on Internet Censorship in Britain Today – is available now* and hopefully Part II – on the Government’s emerging Internet Safety Strategy – will be available by the time of our Meeting.) Details of the February Meeting should reach you within the next 2-3 weeks and be on Meetup, the Open Tech Calendar and the ORG website shortly thereafter. Looking forward to seeing you on 14 January – it’s a FREE event to which all are welcome. You may want to bring your laptop, tablet, etc. *https://www.openrightsgroup.org/about/reports/uk-internet-regulation

  • Digital Security Workshop


    This month we have two special speakers in store to give us practical knowledge to protect ourselves online. Wendy Grossman, a longtime member of ORG’s Advisory Council, will open with a talk on threat models and assessing personal risk. Then Matt Davey of the password manager company 1Password will tell us everything we need to know about passwords and security. As this is the last meeting of the year, there will hopefully be some Christmassy refreshments! All are welcome to this FREE event! Please join us. You may want to bring your laptop, tablet, etc.

  • 2 Threats to Digital Rights: The Counter-Terrorism Bill & IMSI Catchers

    Join Open Rights Group Norwich for an important talk on ‘Two Threats to Civil Liberties and Digital Rights: (i) the Counter-Terrorism & Border Security Bill (ii) the use of IMSI-catchers by UK state agencies’. We’re lucky enough to have Zehrah Hasan of Liberty as our speaker. (i) Among other unprecedented attacks on individuals’ rights and privacy, the Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Bill contains proposals to criminalise watching online content “likely to be useful for terrorist purposes” even if the content is viewed with no terrorist intent. The offence would carry a prison sentence of up to 15 years. These proposals, if carried, would seriously hamper the work of academic researchers and investigative journalists. Zehrah will talk about effective lobbying of Parliamentarians to remove these and other proposed clauses in the Bill, which will be working its way through the House of Lords in October and then returning to the Commons for the third Reading (final debate). (ii) Did you know that, if you attend any public event – eg rally, concert, march, festival, picket - the police can extract personal information from your mobile phone? IMSI catchers are surveillance tools which trick mobile phones into connecting with them and revealing personal information. Some IMSI-catchers can also intercept data, including the contents of phone calls, text messages and internet traffic. This technology can and has been used by police in the UK to help identify everyone attending public events like demonstrations. Liberty, along with Privacy International, has launched a Tribunal appeal to find out which police forces in England and Wales have this technology and, if so, how/when/why it’s being used. The use of IMSI-catchers and other surveillance technology by the police needs to be clearly defined in law and put under proper oversight. All are welcome to this FREE event! Please join us.

  • Tech tool workshop


    Join us Monday 3 September for a FREE WORKSHOP with ORG legal consultant Alex Haydock about two tech projects by Open Rights Group and Projects by IF. Data Rights Finder is a new service designed to help you take advantage of the data rights gained from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It cuts through the mind numbing jargon in leading company privacy policies so you don’t have to. Want quick, clear answers about how a company stores your data, or whether they share it with third parties? Need to know exactly who to contact to make a subject access request? Data Rights Finder has answers. Blocked! allows you to easily check if your own (or any) website is being mistakenly blocked by default filters on major UK Internet Service Provider (ISP) broadband and mobile networks. If you identify any wrongful blocks (there are a shocking amount of these), Blocked! lets you submit an unblocking request with just a couple clicks. You’ll learn how to check local websites and help document and expose the damage done by algorithmic filters that rampantly overblock and damage free speech. Laptops are recommended but not necessary. Before the workshop starts there’ll be a short briefing on the September 12 vote in the European Parliament, its importance and the need to contact MEPs urgently about it. Jamie and Rowena will then talk briefly about making ORG known to students at the start of the academic year via Freshers’ Fairs, etc. All are welcome to this FREE event. Please join us!

  • Discussion about Privacy in the Digital Age


    What to expect: We will be watching the 'Do Not Track' series which explores the various ways in which we and our data is being stored, categorized and monitored by companies and governments. Each video will be 5-10 minutes long. Between each video we will discuss the video and how it affects us in the modern digital age. Towards the end of the meeting we will discuss the stall that we did on 12th May and future meetings in September.

  • Free speech online public stall

    Hayhill (off Gentlemen's Walk, near the open market)

    Please join us for our public outreach & information stall about protecting free speech online. Set up begins at 9:30am and we'll be up and running at 10:30am. All are welcome to help out or to simply stop by and get some information.

  • Finalizing the Free Speech Campaign


    ORG Norwich will have a meeting at 7 pm on Thursday 3rd May at the meeting room at Neontribe, 21 Colegate, Norwich NR3 1BN (by kind permission of Neontribe). The focus of this meeting will be on final preparations for out publicity stall at Hayhill on Saturday 12th May. We'll be discussing layout, materials (including posssible use of online materials), attracting passers-by on Hayhill, timetable for the day, etc. By 3rd May we'll have brought more materials from ORG office in London (including display boards and sample ORG t-shirt so people can order some - we're not allowed to sell anything on the stall). We've been fortunate enough to obtain the kind loan of a gazebo and trestle table. If any members are able and prepared to lend 1 or 2 folding chairs and/or a small folding/portable table, could they let us know either at the meeting or by contacting Rowena at her personal email [masked]? Any help would be much appreciated. The stall will publicise a range of ORG's work (including the Free Speech campaign). Members' comments on publicity material for the Free Speech campaign have been taken on board. If you'd like to help with the stall but haven't yet signed up or can't attend the meeting on 3rd May, contact Rowena (see above). Those who have signed up to help but can't be at the meeting will be contacted personally in the week before the stall to check that they're still OK to help. Best wishes Jamie/Rowena